Get to know… Lenny Daniel

Monique Muñiz

Forward Lenny Daniel leads the Matadors in 15 team categories, including scoring and field goal percentage. Photo Credit: Monique Muñiz/ Sports Editor

Date of Birth: May 19, 1987
Place of Birth: Richmond, Virginia
Height: 6’8″
Position: Forward
Major: Pan-African Studies
Season stats: 16.1 points/game, 9.3 rebounds/game, 54.1 free-throw percentage, 58.6 field goal percentage, 0.6 assists/game in 21 games.

Food: “It is a tie between Mac ‘n’ Cheese and rice, grilled chicken with broccoli and cheese.
Music: Rap and R&B
Movie: “3 Strikes” by DJ Pooh
Song: “Message” by Trey Songz
Athlete: Kobe Bryant
Books: “I read a lot of documentaries about guys who grew up in the inner-city and their life stories.”

Greatest difficulty: “Making it into college; that was a great challenge for me.”
Greatest goal accomplishment: “Graduating from college will be my greatest accomplishment and being successful in basketball.”
Most embarrassing moment: “Air balled a free throw at the Long Beach game.”
Hobbies: “I love to travel, play Xbox, and watch movies.”

Best part of my game: “Dunking, blocking shots and rebounding.”
Part of my game that needs improvement: Free throws
Best player I’ve played against so far: Tyreke Evans, who plays for the Sacramento Kings.
Player I pattern my game after: “Even though I love Kobe Bryant I pattern my game after Kevin Garnett because he has a similar build to me and that’s why I wear No. 5.”
Pre-game rituals: “Take a nap and then after that, it’s all music.”
Superstitions: “Yes I do, I was struggling in the beginning of the season, but after starting to listen to Trey Songz before the games I have been doing well, so I have to listen to some of his songs.”

Team: To win then Big West and make NCAA.
Individual: To win first team all-conference player of the year.

My first sports: Football
Other sports I played while growing up: Volleyball and cross-country
When I started playing basketball: 16 years old
What I do to stay in shape during the off-season: “Run everyday and work out with some pro players.”
Person I would like to meet: Kim Kardashian