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Social Networks . . . Entering a new arena by the moment

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have become the fastest and most accessible sources of news, not only for the young generation, but for anyone who desires the latest minute-by-minute updates of reports and information.

We have been witnessing the gradual death of newspaper readership, forcing major publications to either cut back in order to survive, or simply fold, for quite awhile now. . .long enough that sadly we have all accepted the concept of having our morning cups of coffee in front of our computers.

Will this trend eventually work its way to affecting news networks such as CNN is the next reservation.

Microsoft plans to integrate Facebook and Twitter into its Xbox 360 gaming console, enabling users to follow and communicate through Internet services, without needing a computer, from the center of their living rooms, according to Reuters.

Organizations, educational entities, government agencies, public officials, and almost all other notable groups are relying on the Internet to spontaneously inform the public of the latest news updates on a range of issues from health to foreign affairs to local government.

Back in February, Food and Drug Administration used Facebook and Twitter to spread the word on the salmonella-in-peanut-butter outbreak and recalls.

Beginning in June, the nation followed the uprisings and turmoil on the streets of Iran on Twitter as they were not able to obtain the most recent information nor reveal the actual events as they were taking place and reported live through citizen journalism, on CNN.

Hollywood stars twittered their condolences, disbeliefs and grief as Michael Jackson’s death hit the media.  A tragedy that took over all other breaking news and catastrophes throughout the world as the media began covering it relentlessly 24/7, dissecting every aspect of the late star’s life, family and death.

Most recently, the former Vice Presidential candidate for the Republican Party, a probable nominee of the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential campaign and a soon-to-be-ex-governor of Alaska took the country by surprise as she announced her resignation 17 months before the end of her first term, according to Huffington Post.

Sarah Palin told reporters she will be stepping down as Alaska’s governor in a brief press conference from the back yard of her home without taking any questions. Yet, she turned to her Facebook page the next day, Fourth of July, to further explain her decision to the nation, as per Associated Press.  The Alaskan governor is hip to technology, what can I say.

“Palin’s press secretary, David Murrow had posted on his Facebook page Wednesday, ‘David Murrow is considering life’s ironies.’  He was hired less than a month ago.  Yesterday he wrote, ‘There’s gonna be some fireworks this weekend!’” Huffington Post blogger, Shannyn Moore posted on July 3.

It all gets better.  Moore has been threatened by Palin’s attorney, Thomas Van Flein, to get sued for making certain remarks regarding Palin.   But that’s another blog on its own . . . at the pinnacle of my career, I do not desire a lawsuit . . . this could all become a reality show . . . hey that’s an idea to prevent television from suffocating under the weight of Facebook and Twitter.

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