CSUN Student Dietetic and Food Science Association hosts barbeque

Elano Pizzicarola

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The Student Dietetic and Food Science Association commemorated the start of National Nurition Month with a barbeque at Matador Square. Photo Credit: Elano Pizzicarola / Staff Reporter

The Student Dietetic and Food Science Association (SDFSA) held a fundraiser and commemorated the start of National Nutrition Month by hosting a barbeque at Matador Square.

“We want let everybody know what SDFSA is about,” said Karmen Ovsepyan, 24, nutrition graduate student and SDFSA president.

Volunteers served hamburgers, veggie-burgers and soft drinks.  The association’s health counselors were available to answer questions while patrons enjoyed their food.

Ovsepyan dispelled misconceptions about health risks associated with eating beef.

“You can have anything that you like. It’s all about moderating it,” she said, while stressing the importance of vegetables.

“You do need your protein, whether it comes from fish products, poultry products, or beef products,” she added.

Ovsepyan also serves as project manager with the Marilyn Magaram Center for Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics. Both organizations worked together to organize the barbecue.  Vegetables that were served at the barbeque were harvested from the Marilyn Magaram Center’s farm.

“The more people we can attract, the better,” Ovsepyan said.

Will Moran, CSUN network engineer, enjoyed a hamburger and a side of grilled and peppered vegetables.

“I like it. Good vegetables,” he said.

Moran was informed about the event through an ad.

“I just wanted to support them,” said Moran, who shares Sequoia Hall with the organizers.

“We try to give the students a little bit of money.”

Money generated by the barbeque will help support the Dietetic Internship Symposium, a program that helps aspiring nutritionists get internships.