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What do Rock N Crawl, Cochella and World Water Day have in common?


The answer is that they’re all events making green efforts.

Sorry, the riddle or question wasn’t that great but the events sure are.

>>>The Rock’ N Crawl, is Los Angeles’ version of an all-day music festival sprinkled from Universal City to downtown L.A., promoting sustainable landscaping, music and public transportation. To get to all the hot spots you either need to take a bus or the subway. The festival has nine stations spread throughout the cities, all promoting the urban landscape while local bands preform.

The Rock N Crawl happened last April, but the video of the events just was released. I’m personally hoping that it’s a tease that another Rock N Crawl will happen again in 2011.

What I found amusing was that the organizers of the Rock N Crawl placed the urban landscaping in areas of sad-looking, poorly green areas with or without the any of owners’ consent, kind of like a renegade green project for music and sustainable awareness.

Rock N Crawl 2010 from Roly Poly on Vimeo.

>>>Cochella, I know you’ve all heard about it. But have you heard about their green efforts at the festival?

Ever wanted to DJ your own set at Cochella? Well now you can, but you’ll have to recruit some help.

It’s called EnergyFACTory, courtesy of Global Inheritance, a green non-profit that uses music, art and interactivity to educate and empower those for a greener planet.

The effort started last year, when DJs had to find 18 willing friends or volunteers to turn-hand cranks, swing, see-saw, run in hamster wheels and bike to power their entire 40-minute set. This year the three-day music festival continues the interactive green trend, as they encourage aspiring DJs and concert-goers to sign-up for the opportunity.

Other green incentives of Cochella, also supported by Global Inheritance, are “CARPOOLCHELLA” and the water bottle incentive.

And you guessed it, if you carpool to the festival with four or more passengers and place “CARPOOLCHELLA” on your dashboard, you could win a variety of prizes– including VIP tickets to Cochella for LIFE! (consider me carpooling! Anyone have room?)

And for those thirsty green-lovers that recycle. All you have to do is collect 10 water bottles at the festival and you’ll receive a free bottle of water for all your hard work.

>>> World Water Day 2011 falls on March 22nd this year. It’s a day dedicated to preserving water because as all of us know water is not a reusable or renewable resource. One day we will sadly never have water again.

Environmentalists and the money-savvy love this day, because either they are put off by their water utility bill or are really concerned with the world’s water woes.

This year’s theme is “Water for Cities,” focusing on conservation of water in people’s hometowns.

World Water Day was started in 1993 by the UN Water Group . The main event will happen in Cape Town, South Africa this year, but you can find a green (and blue) event near you by visiting the UN Water Group’s official website.

In L.A. there are tons of things going on, but they start early. There’s an all-day World Water Day event at the Natural History Museum, as a part of their regular Sustainable Sunday series. For regular admission, you’ll get to attend a FREE greywater workshop/session from noon to 4p.m., a showing of the film FLOW at 11 or 1 p.m., a community art project and so much more.

If you can’t make your way out there, you can always celebrate World Water Day from the comfort of your own computer. The Surfrider Foundation is having a World Water Day photo challenge. All you have to do is upload a photo of you holding up a sign with your water-saving tip to the Surfrider’s flickr Group. And if you’re photo is selected you’ll win a pair of Levis’ Water Less Jeans.

Surfrider has also put together a list of 15 water-saving tips. So you can hopefully check them out and use World Water Day to implement them and change your water wasteful ways.

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