Get to know: Sydney Sonoda

Monique Muñiz

SCORING FORCE: Senior Sydney Sonoda is second on the team in goals scored with 45 and is third on the team in steals with 24. Photo Credit: Simon Gambaryan / Contributing Photographer

Full name: Sydney Sonoda

Date of Birth: July 20, 1989

Place of Birth: Murrieta, California

Height: 5’6”

Position: 2-Meter Offense

Major: Sociology / Criminal Justice

Stats: In 27 Games: 45 goals, 20 assists and 24 steals


Food: Mexican food

Music: Hip Hop / Rap and Country

Movie: “Blindside,” “Taken” and “Despicable Me.”

Song: “For Ur Love” by Chris Brown

Athlete: Muhammad Ali and Kobe Bryant

Book: “Tuesdays With Morrie” by Mitch Albom



Greatest Difficulty: Getting through school

Greatest Goal Accomplishment: “Graduating this year!”

Most Embarrassing Moment: “I’ve had a lot of them!”

Hobbies: Shopping and sleeping


Water polo

Best part of my game: Being able to establish position in 2-meters

Part of my game that needs improvement: My outside shooting

Best player I’ve played against: Kami Craig, Olympian and who played at USC

Pre-game rituals: “I listen to music on my iPod.”

Superstitions: “I have a new pair of Nikes every season and I always keep my second earring in my ear when I play.”



Team: “To win a Big West Championship and go to NCAA Tournament.”

Individual: “To receive All-American and to leave this program knowing that I did everything I could for it to be successful.”



My first sports: Swimming and water polo

Other sports I played while growing up: Tennis and cheerleading

When I started playing water polo: Eighth grade

What I do to stay in shape during the off season: “I swim and go to the gym sometimes, but nothing to extreme because the off season time is for me to relax.”

Person I would like to meet: “Barack Obama would be cool.”