Art inspired by ‘Edward Scissorhands’ at Nucleus Gallery for film’s 20th anniversary

"Window Lovers" by Laura Iorio

Remember that one love story that involved an outsider with scissors as fingers and a beautiful young woman from suburbia? Well Tim Burton’s 1990 love story has found a new medium two decades later.

The Oscar-nominated film, “Edward Scissorhands” is the point of focus at an art exhibition at Nucleus Gallery. The display, which originally sprouted from an online blog, celebrates the 20th year anniversary of the film.

Artist Sebastian Mesnard created Scissorhands 20th, an online blog that features dozens of art pieces that include paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures depicting characters and scenes from the movie. A community of 40 artists, many of whom have their own art blogs, contributed their own pieces that are showcased at the gallery.

The artists’ unique visions vary between brush strokes, ink, images and color palettes, but all revolve around the Scissorhands theme.

Some of the pieces highlight the man behind the scissors that transformed the plush green lawns and yards of suburban homes and gave new hairstyles to pompous women. Others depict the twisted love story between Edward and Kim, in black and white pieces, color paintings, and even a sculpture made out of yarn, twigs, plastic and other materials. Many arrangements resonate the eeriness of Edward’s character, while others invent a fairytale creation out of the film.

The art is available for sale at the galley as well as the website. Prices range from $50 to $6,000. The Edward Scissorhands 20th Anniversary Tribute is free and for all ages. The exhibition ends  May 9.


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