Trio Voce group to perform at VPAC

Sharon Hardwick

Appearing for the first time at California State University, Northridge, ‘Trio Voce, sponsored by The Music Guild in Los Angeles, will be performing three chamber music pieces at the Valley Performing Arts Center Wednesday evening.

The piano Trio Voce, which is a music ensemble of piano, cello and violin (not three pianos), will perform Beethoven’s “Kakadu” variations, Arensky’s Trio No. 1 in D minor and Mendelssohn’s Trio No. 1 in D minor, Opus 49.

“(The piano trio voce concept) has been in existence since the time of Hayden, and it makes for a real intimate partnership,” said Eugene Golden, the guild’s executive, and artistic, director since 1985. “It’s a real partnership where they each supply the voice that is need to round out the piece. It’s very good, and one of the most popular (instrument) combinations.”

The Music Guild, which provides free music master classes at CSUN, has been performing chamber music concerts in the Los Angeles area since 1945. The guild has performed six concerts at CSUN to date, and has a very close relationship with the music department at CSUN, Golden said. This concert will be the guild’s last for the season.

Soloists Marina Hoover (cello), Patricia Tao (piano) and Jasmin Lin (violin) are each world-renowned musicians in their own right, having won numerous awards internationally, Golden said. But the concept behind the piano trio voce is to combine the talents of the individual musician into one “voce,” or voice.

“The name ‘voce’ is Italian for voice – and they communicate as one voice,” Golden said. “They sing with the music, not just play the instrument.”

After performing at CSUN, the trio voce will head to Edmonton, Canada to perform. However, before leaving they will be performing at hospices for Alzheimer’s patients in Los Angeles. It’s an experiment to see how Alzheimer’s patients react to music, Golden said.

The trio voce have a website where chamber music enthusiasts can sample their music for free as well as get information of future performances: Tickets for CSUN students are $5, purchasable through The Music Guild website:

The trio voce will also be performing at California State University, Long Beach Tuesday, May 17.