Reverend James Lawson to visit CSUN for CDSC event

Mary Pham

Reverend James Lawson will lecture about civil rights and peaceful activism, in a speech called “empowering students for social change: lessons for today from the past,” Monday Sept. 26 from 4 – 6:45 p.m.

“It is extremely exciting. Reverend Lawson is very very bight and knowledgeable and not only familiar with what has happened in the past, but continues to organize with social groups that work on social change. It is an exhilarating experience working with Reverend Lawson and he is a very wonderful being,” said Dr. Kathryn Sorrells, professor of communication studies and coordinator of CD&SC..

The lecture/workshop will educate students on the CSU budget cuts, the effects it has on our campus community and allow students to realize there is an organizations and activities they can engage in to raise cause to these issues, said Sorrells.

“We are going to start off with some spoken word poetry from students and a brief introduction to Reverend Lawson. He will then speak 45 minutes to an hour, focusing on how students can become litigants of change,” said Sorrells.