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Witches Brew Lounge is a comfortable spot for students

The Witches Brew Cocktail Lounge in North Hills is "not just any old dive bar," according to bartender Mishelle DeLong. She said, "We're like a family here." Trisha Sprouse / Daily Sundial

When you first lay eyes upon The Witches Brew Cocktail Lounge you really aren’t sure what to think. From the outside you are greeted with just a lit up sign and a door with no windows and no way to look inside to see if this is the type of place you want to spend your evening.

If you are anything like me and are wondering how themed this place is, and hoping that it lives up to its namesake, you might just be disappointed.

I was personally hoping to see cauldron filled drinks and drink specials with such names as “The Cackling Brew,” but unfortunately this did not exist.  The only thing that resembled anything ‘witchy’ were two brooms that hung over the bar.

When you step, in it looks very similar to what you would expect a dive bar to look like.  Granted it seemed cleaner than most.

A long bar with various alcohol? Check.  Darts? Check.  Lounging area? Check.  A quaint stage to have a tiny band play or for patrons to sing karaoke? Check.

What I was not expecting to see though was a slow cooker by the stage that had fried chicken in it from the Popeye’s Chicken next door.  While it was free for whoever dared, I’m still not sure what to make of it except to say it was unique.

When I go to a bar I prefer more ambiance in order to get me to stay, coupled with some sort of  food menu to go along with whatever drink I have.  Seeing as it had neither of these amenities, I’m surprised I stayed for a couple of drinks, but that’s where the good aspects of the bar came into play.

The staff have great personalities and they know how to pour stiff drinks at a reasonable price.   For any dive bar guru this combination is usually what will bring them back.  Good conversation mixed with strong drinks at a great price AND karaoke!

The night started off with a DJ who was playing classic rock, rock, and oldies.   It seemed to me that they play for an older crowd but as the night continued they started up the karaoke which everyone got into.

You could tell right off the bat that this place has a lot of regulars.  The bartender knew about half of the customers by their names, which tells me a lot about this place: it’s consistent.  For me that’s a great thing.

I would have to give this place 3 1/2 stars out of five.  If I lived down the street from this watering hole, I would probably come back.  But I think I could get this type of service almost anywhere and maybe even find a place that had more of the things I am looking for.

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