Super Bowl themed parties can be made easy for students

Matthew Ashman

The New York Giants and New England Patriots are set to showdown this Sunday in the Super Bowl, and aside from the game, the best part of the day is the party.  But how can you throw an amazing party on a student budget?

One surefire way to make sure you stay within budget is to have a potluck party and have guests help provide for everyone—just make sure to have a few treats ready yourself to get things started.

When planning a party, it may be good to have a theme.  For a Super Bowl, make sure to incorporate the teams that are playing, whether in choosing a team color to decorate with or putting together some food from the two teams’ regions.

The option of using the team’s colors for the theme is even easier this year because both teams have very similar colors, making it a win-win for all guests.

Another option is to try decorating each side of the room with the opposing team’s colors or insignias.  Or just choose one team and go wild.

When preparing food, make sure that you make everything ahead of time as to not interrupt the game or commercial-watching, since both are pretty popular.

A few dishes you might want to use if you favor the Giants could be some New York-style pizza and maybe some Reuben sandwiches.  New York-style cheesecake can be a good way to end the celebration, whether the Giants win or not.

But let’s say you favor the Patriots instead.

Most of this region’s food revolves around seafood, which can get a bit expensive.  There are ways around this though.  New England clam chowder is great potluck food which you can just throw into a slow cooker and add to throughout the party as needed.  You could also make some Johnny Cakes (cornmeal flatbread) to go with some baked beans.

As long as you are of age, beer is a must at a Super Bowl party.  Make sure to stock up on plenty and to get more than you think everyone will need.  There’s nothing worse than having to leave the party to get more supplies—especially ice!

Incorporating a drinking game to go along with the football game can be another fun option.  For example, if one team scores, those cheering for the other team must take a gulp of beer or a shot of liquor.

And the most important thing to remember for a Super Bowl party is to have a great time with friends and enjoy the game even if your team doesn’t win.  No one likes a sore loser.