USU hosts karaoke competition

Janette Fletcher

CSUN will host its third annual karaoke contest tonight in the Games Room, located in the USU and below the former Fitness Center, from 7 – 10 p.m. This event welcomes everyone including non-CSUN students.

“I’m in charge of planning, dating, prizing, equipment beforehand, marketing, promoting and scheduling,” Michael Kay, commercial services assistant, said.

It’s an opportunity for students to showcase their voice and sing their favorite songs for a cash prize according to Kay.

The cash prize this semester is a $75 Visa gift card, although only CSUN students are eligible to win said Kay.

“Everyone could use money,” Kay said. “Usually, more people show up for cash prizes.”

Students are encouraged to sign up as space is available on a first come, first serve basis. The student also needs to sign up 30 minutes prior to the  contest.

“Usually 100 people show up,” Kay said. “The capacity of people in the Games Room is 130, so I’d say that’s pretty good.”

Magic Sing is a karaoke system that offers a huge selection of songs ranging from old school to  classic vibes Kay said. The songs are approximately 3 to 5 minutes long.

“Participants will compete in three rounds and judging is based on creativity, style, sound, and performance,” Kay said. “ The elimination process is based on the crowd’s vote.”

Furthermore, karaoke invites a diverse group of people and gives an opportunity for people to meet someone they wouldn’t normally Kay said.

“But, there can only be one winner,”Kay said.