Chancellor search committee to include student trustee

Thomas Mancuso

The California State University system is in the process of choosing a new chancellor, and this year the CSU is using a new approach.

When Charles B. Reed, who announced his resignation as chancellor last month, was hired in 1998 he was selected by a board of trustees who heard no public input of any kind. This year the CSU has compiled a new selection board and is focused on giving stakeholders a choice.

This is the first year that the chancellor selection process includes a voting student trustee, but not everyone is satisfied.

“If there isn’t a majority, or close to one, of students then it’s not an effective change,” said graduate anthropology student Danny Sosa about the adjustments, aimed at involving more of those affected by the selection process.

Committee member and student trustee Jillian Ruddell, Chico State, has served as a trustee for two years, but this is the first year she will be an active voting member. Ruddell has a resume packed with achievements.

She served as the director of the Associated Students Women’s Center and co-founded the Chico State Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Leadership Conference. She has also served as the co-president of the PRIDE/Safezone club and as a committee member for Conversations on Diversity.

“There have been voting student trustees on the presidential selection committees, but [Ruddell] is the first for a chancellor,” said Stephanie Thara, web communication specialist with the CSU.

The first stakeholder meeting in the selection process will be held June 28 at the chancellor’s office in Long Beach. The meeting will allow students, teachers, staff, and the public who are interested in the chancellor selection to have a voice.

The open session will be held from 10 a.m. to noon, followed by a closed session. In addition to the public meeting, anyone can submit comments or concerns directly to the committee via email, at

Trustees appointed to the committee include Roberta Achtenberg, instructor Bernadette Cheyne , Debra Farar, Kenneth Fong, Steven Glazer, CSU student Jillian Ruddell,  and CSU board chair Bob Linscheid as ex officio.  The committee itself will be chaired by trustee, Bill Hauck.