Sovereign beats for a back to school playlist

Luis Campos

Courtesy of MCT.

From R&B to Pop, these impulsive songs will command your playlist. Perhaps Lana Del Rey was your “National Anthem”, Gotye was “Somebody That (You) Used to Know” and Britney Spears continues to make you dance “Till The World Ends.” Meet 2012’s back to school playlist.

Frank Ocean-Bad Religion

From his debut album, Channel Orange, the 24-year-old hip hop/R&B artist presents his audience with a thrilling track  that will get you through the hard times of having to study for that big exam.

Scissor Sisters-Let’s Have A Kiki

Their fourth studio album, Magic Hour, has become a club hit by having their audience question what is a “Kiki” with its intersperse language like “dive” and “werk.” The song is purely suited to spilling late night tea at the CSUN dorms and wishing you had a friend named Pickles.

Azealia Banks-Esta Noche

Her latest mixtape Fantasea is the type of music Madonna failed to do. Judging by her standards, she will become the most notorious rap/dance performer by generating the drag queen culture in the song that will narcissistically make you want to party after the chest-thumping beat kicks that occur during the first weeks of school.

Gossip-Move In the Right Direction

The band appears to be embedding the gothic glam 80’s vibe in their fifth studio album, A Joyful Noise, and their single is welcoming trouble for those who like to procrastinate the night before having to turn in the five page paper the next day.

Ellie Goulding-Hanging On Featuring Tinie Tempah (Active Child Cover)

If you’ve been a fan of her previous work like Lights, this cover will excel your expectations when you first listen to her borderline Bjork heart rending voice since it will remind you not to stress over the smallest of things just as your academic advisor tells you

you’re on the right track.