Matador Burger a promising CSUN product

Hansook Oh

The Matador Burger–a new menu item exclusively served at the Pub and the Arbor Grill–is a hefty, hearty and reasonably priced bite to eat when you are in need of some serious sustenance on campus. Though the beef could be more pungent in taste, the Matador Burger is an all-around pleasant addition to all things CSUN.

For $5.50 you get a six-ounce beef patty stuffed with a cheese sauce and roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato and bacon strips, in between two buns buttered with a garlic mayonnaise. Together, these ingredients create a savory, juicy taste while avoiding an overly greasy quality. Careful though, this burger is not for those who are counting calories or are lactose-intolerant.

The Matador Burger is a fine fusion of the two prototypes presented to students at a taste-testing event earlier this month. It was between a greasier “juicy” burger (with the cheese sauce in the patty) and a spicier, drier burger with jalapenos and bacon. The official sandwich combined the best of both.

However, the proof is in the beef and not the pudding–the lettuce and tomato are fresh and the bread is toasted well, but the strongest taste comes from the crispy bacon on top of the patty. If you can’t eat pork or would like to remove the bacon, there’s a good chance that all you will taste is the cheese sauce and red pepper bits hiding inside the patty. Although it really should be able to stand on it’s own, some A1, ketchup or hot sauce sauce might do the trick.

Like a school without a football team, the Matador Burger is lacking something worth rallying for. But like our school, this burger is generally satisfactory and shows potential for an excellent experience. I’d recommend it to any real hungry Matador.