The best back to school apps

Christina Bennett

When back to school rolls around, your life tends to get more complicated, not simpler. Well good news, Matadors! We’ve sifted through the iTunes store and Android marketplace , handpicking apps that are the most app-licable for your return this semester. And they’re free!


1. Dropbox

This may not be the most exciting app on your list, but it should be. It is probably the most useful app when it comes to school because it allows for easy online storage of your files, while providing two gigabytes of free usage. Never worry again about forgetting your flash drive at home, or emailing presentations to yourself because you can access your files from Dropbox on any computer with internet access.

Available in the iOS and Android store


 2. Mint

“Where did all my money go?” Find yourself having this thought at the end of the month? Mint has the answers. Tracking both income and expenses, Mint auto-categorizes your expenses to visually illustrate the flow of your money, while helping you create goals for saving money. Mint is a smart way to manage your money and keep tabs on school expenses.

Available in the iOS and Android store


3. AroundMe

“Because we know you’re going places!” The motto for Around Me identifies exactly why you need this app. It is a fantastic tool for locating a variety of establishments including bars, restaurants, hotels and banks. Once you choose your destination, you can map it and see reviews from FourSquare users, one of the partners with the AroundMe. Use this app to find your next escape, or even your new favorite spot to study!

Available in the iOS, Android store and the Windows app marketplace


 4. KhanAcademy

Welcome to Khan Academy where academic resources are plentiful and free! Khan offers short video courses on a wide variety of subjects including algebra, chemistry, biology, statistics and calculus. Don’t pass up the opportunity to take advantage of the plethora of information at your fingertips. Khan Academy also offers Khan Archiver with “educational videos on to go” organized all in one place for your convenience. Available in the iOS store