Artists Showcase Their Work at Canoga Park Art Walk

Artists Showcase Their Work at Canoga Park Art Walk

Terese Torgersen

Barbara Katz Bierman, displays her artwork at the Canoga Park Artwalk on September 20. Photo credit: Jose Leon / Contributor

Barbara Katz Bierman was 21-years-old when her mother passed away and she had to paint to be able to breath. She never plans a piece beforehand.

She starts with a plain canvas and goes from there. Bierman is one of the oldest artists at the art walk and her paintings reflect her life and what she has gone though. “An artist is an artist, they can be one years old or a 100,” Bierman said.

The Canoga Park Art Walk is a monthly summer event that supports local artists, artisans, crafters, musicians and local business. Temporary galleries were set up for the evening. The event celebrated local and emerging artists that are mostly San Fernando Valley based said Addy Gonzales 11:11 ACC Operations & Development. Artists from all stages of their career, from first time showing their art to the public or the 100th time, said Gonzales.

The art walk includes contemporary art, portraits, animals, landscapes, conceptual photography, tattoo artists, batik and cartoons along the Sherman Way between Topanga and Canoga. Including 11:11 ACC galleries along with vendors and music stages outside and local businesses. Juan Castellon, a photographer, didn’t know how to get his art to the public before participating at the art walk. The network possibilities are what Castellon likes the most about the event.

Aurauz Azima, a CSUN Alumni came to the exhibition to show his support for his friend who is an artist. The food trucks are his favorite part of the event. When asked about his favorite dish, the Vietnamese sandwich from Frank’s Gourmet was his number one. “Maybe I will have two or three more before I leave,” Azima said.

Cupcake and cookie maker, Amanda Mason is a CSUN Alumni. She has been a part of the art walk since its beginning and knows many of the artists. “It’s nice to have comradeship,” Mason said.

N. Derrick Decarte, a photographer, claims beauty is everywhere if you just take the time to look at it. Among his pictures you will find a burned down tree, roses and a lighthouse. For him, pictures pull out emotions. Descarte thinks the art walk is a great way for artists to get exposure and showcase their work. “Open your eyes,” Descarte said. “Beauty is everywhere.”

Naked women are often portrayed in Hollywood Breeze images. She uses her wild imagination and her dreams when deciding what to shoot for her next concept. “Creative people usually don’t mix well together, but here it does,” said Hollywood Breeze.

Tabitha Hammercheeck, 32, is inspired by peoples portraits and high contrast photos, she has participated in the past five art walks in Canoga Park. She has a website called Ignorant Art. Photo credit: Anasheh Enjily / Contributor