Students celebrated National Coming Out Day early

Students celebrated National Coming Out Day early

Casey Delich

Students at the USU’s Coming Out Event, hosted by the Pride Center at CSUN, were able to read “coming out” stories from various students on campus in honor of National Coming Out Day, which is Oct. 11. Photo credit: Danielle Hale / Daily Sundial


The Pride Center and University Student Union celebrated National Coming Out Day Wednesday night with a variety show, that was not just funny and entertaining, but informative and echoing their “Out. Loud. Proud.” theme throughout the night.

National Coming Out Day is not until Thursday, Oct. 11, but the Pride Center and USU wanted to get the message out there before many LGBTQ celebrate the day across the nation.

“We came up with a variety show, centered around the theme of coming out, because it is such a sensitive subject, and difficult for many people,” said Sam Baker, senior theatre major and event assistant for lectures and culture at the USU. “It should be celebrated for being done, and encourage other people to do it, on their own time of course.”

Presented acts included those from campus, such as CSUN Hip-Hop and volunteers from the theatre department, along with Improvinitus from Orange County.

Social welfare senior Martell Okonji did double duty on stage by hosting the variety show and performing multiple songs throughout, all while getting the crowd pumped up for each act.

Attendees took the atmosphere from the performers on stage and got excited for the event throughout.

“It was super fantastic, really exciting, and I got really pumped up for it,” said Lita Van Houten, third year CTVA major, about the event.

The show opened with videotaped testimonials from CSUN students at the opening of the Pride Center on how they came out and their experiences in trying to gain acceptance from others for who they are.

Students also received information in an interactive forum to help themselves or others explain to family and friends that they are out and proud.

“It was a learning experience, we are celebrating but to be realistic coming out is not always that easy, so they really reminded us that this is a hard process for some of us still no matter how loud and out some of us are,” said Ashlee Morales, liberal studies major.

Promoting Pride culture, the Pride Center passed out T-shirts to all those in attendance to wear Thursday to show unity among those in the student body.

CSUN alum Martell Okonji, hosted the event and performed “It’s Raining Men,” at the USU’s Coming Out, put on by the Pride Center on Oct. 10 in honor of National Coming Out Day. “If you are coming out, then you are coming out strong,” said Okonji. Photo credit: Danielle Hale / Daily Sundial