Sorority holds speed dating event to raise money


Melody Cherchian

CSUN’s Zeta Phi Beta sorority held their first “Love Rush” speed dating event on Thursday to help fundraise for the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission.

Doors opened at 6:30 p.m. as students started making their way through the Grand Salon, where they signed in on a sheet, got a name tag, grabbed some treats and made their way to the tables.

Shani Crutcher, 21, a senior majoring in English and president of sorority chapter Omega Kappa, was inspired to plan the event in order to raise money for families in need staying at the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission emergency shelter.

Jason Moore, 22, a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in CTVA, attended the event after seeing it posted on Facebook.

“I’m here to support my friends in the sorority and help the cause,” Moore said. “I’m also here to network and meet new people in the process.”

Before the first round of speed dating began, Crutcher shared a bit of advice for the participants here to find new love.

“Go for it,” Crutcher said. “If you’re nervous, go for it even more. Sometimes people ignore love that’s right in front of their face and they should take the time to notice it.”

Love songs were playing in the background, candles were lit on the tables, and the lights were dimmed to set the mood. Each student was allotted five minutes to talk with the person sitting across from them, and once the buzzer rang, they rotated to the next participant.

Most students attended for social networking and supporting their fellow sorority members with the fundraiser.

Sherrie Phillips, 22, a senior majoring in psychology, mainly came to Love Rush for those two reasons.

“I’m definitely out of my comfort zone,” Phillips said. “I’m not familiar with the whole (speed dating) process, but I came to help my peers.”

After the event, students stayed a bit longer to mingle with one another and exchange contact information. The event appeared to have been a success.

“Even if the participants didn’t find love, I hope they had a good time,” said Crutcher. “Hopefully, students gained a sense of self-confidence in their dating skills.”

Each student contributed $2 for participation and the proceeds will go toward a dinner for the families staying at the shelter.