Style the color of 2013 into your wardrobe


Photo by Leah Oakes / Daily Sundial

Christina Moffitino


Did you start 2013 with goals in mind that you’re ready to put into action? There’s no better way than to spring into the new year in style with the color of the year: emerald green.

Pantone,Inc. the fashion color authorities, deemed emerald green the hottest color to wear. The color helps bring prosperity, energy and excitement. It’s perfect to wear to that upcoming job interview or to motivate you through the months of school work that lie ahead.

Include it in your wardrobe by simply using it as a base for your outfit, whether it be pants or a simple sweater or jacket. You can feel free to play around with the different shades of green. A darker shade of green serves as a focal color in your winter wardrobe. The deeper hues create neutral base to work with. Style up a bright shade of green with a pattern to transition into the spring season. Follow the style tips and you’ll just gleam in green!


Photo by Leah Oakes / Daily Sundial

The solid color is a nice departure from all the crazy patterned leggings that were trending in the fall. Choosing a tailored pant is a great alternative to skinny jeans because they serve as a double-duty fashion piece. You can where them during the day with casual flats and a quick shoe change into some heels for a night out on the town. You can compliment this regal color by pairing it with a white collared shirt and soft pink structured blazer. If you can’t find the right green apparel, go with green accessories. Necklaces or earrings with hints of green can help style up your look and make that emerald really pop.



Any dark shade of Emerald is a great to kick up your wardrobe’s look. Guys tend to play it safe and stick with blue and black . Although always a sleek look, those colors get boring after awhile. Hunter green fitted jeans, a graphic tee and a beanie is an easy way to stay swagged out in your school wear. You can style up a green sweater by pairing it with light grey jeans and a black leather jacket to add some edge.Jackets and sweaters are perfect for layering up during the cold but still keep that green color scheme in play.