Flamenco dance comes to VPAC

John Saringo-Rodriguez

Paco Peña’s Flamenco Vivo will be presenting at CSUN’s Valley Performing Arts Center on Saturday, Feb. 16 at 8 p.m.

Paco Peña and his team of performers demonstrate a passionate and provocative representation of beauty and inspiration in art form through flamenco, a rhythmic combination of Spanish music, vocals, guitar, dance, passion and representations of freedom and spontaneity.

Internationally renowned flamenco composer and guitarist, Paco Peña, said, “There is an enormous freedom to express your own interpretation on the spur of the moment, the way you want to say something artistically through flamenco.” Peña’s reputation of artistic expression, direction and skill will keep one gripped to their seat in awe and excitement.

Peña will open a window into a world of exotic dance and music rhythms that many CSUN students have yet to experience. Hanna Kim, a CSUN psychology graduate student said, “flamenco is intrinsically passionate and full of complex layers, layers of culture, history and expression of an individuals soul.”

Kim encourages students to attend Peña’s Flamenco Vivo. “Peña is one of the best guitarist’s and I wish that he was mainstream,” she said.

Paco Peña’s Flamenco Vivo tickets can be bought at the VPAC box office, the A.S. box office located in the USU or online through Ticketmaster.