Dress up your CSUN gear in your wardrobe

Dress up your CSUN gear in your wardrobe

Christina Moffitino

Show off your school spirit by combining your CSUN gear with color and patterns. Floral is always a trendy pattern to combine items with and is just in time for spring. Photo credit: Charlie Kaijo / Senior Photographer

That old CSUN sweater may feel great with a pair of sweats, but you definitely have more potential to swag out your school gear. Classes, work, tests, homework… I know us college kids have a million things going on, but you don’t have to look as tired as you feel.

For that instant pick-me-up, look to your closet for a lift. If you’re feeling like it’s one of those long days ahead and want to look effortless and stay comfortable, school apparel is a great choice. It’s quick, easy and you have to make use of that shirt your mom bought you your first day on campus, right?

Go from drab to fab by pairing those plain CSUN tees and graphic sweaters with pattern and color. Playing around with those two elements can make your school apparel funky and fun. This way it won’t end up in the donation box and it’ll have some longevity in your wardrobe beyond your college study days.



Floral, camouflage and tribal patterns are the hottest trend to play with right now, and it’s easy to find in most major retailers. Patterns style up the outfit and make something simple, like your plain college t-shirt, more fun to wear. For that effortless comfy chic look, pair your CSUN t-shirt with trendy patterned jeans, sneaker wedges and a denim top button down. It’s the perfect outfit for taking on a busy day ahead.



Play with color! Wear styled colored jeans, a denim top with a subtle pattern and a black CSUN crew neck. Don’t think so much about making everything match, go against the grain with contrasting colors and bold patterns like camouflage or plaid to swag up your look. Rock it with a snapback and you can give off that “too-cool-for-school” feel. And we know you men are just as obsessed with shoes as women; they can make or break the outfit. Kick up your style with a bold pair of combat boots or keep it sleek in your favorite sneakers.