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PizzaRev v. Pieology: which pizzeria makes the better pie?

Local authorities were inundated with calls from concerned residents last Friday afternoon, when a man was spotted stumbling out of two neighborhood pizzerias, covered in marinara. First responders quickly arrived on scene, and the suspect– a CSUN  student– exhibited rather atypical compliance in accordance with that of a guilty criminal.

Much to the surprise of paramedics, the CSUN student repeatedly refused to accept any medical aid, stating that despite his distraught appearance, he was uninjured. Perplexed by the hullabaloo, the young man opened one of the crimson-stained cardboard boxes he had been clutching in his hands, and casually retrieved a leftover slice of Margherita pizza. The student admitted that his dishevelment was a result of his personal quest to determine which pizzeria reigned supreme in Northridge: PizzaRev, or Pieology.

PizzaRev had all but solidified their foothold within the realm of collegiate pizza consumption, when Pieology moved in on PizzaRev’s turf in late June. On that fateful day, the battle of the ‘zas unofficially commenced, leaving a community of hungry stomachs at odds. Although the competing dough-slingers continue to do business a short distance apart from one another, PizzaRev– the senior of the two– may have the upperhand, but Pieology is quickly catching on.

At first glance, both restaurants could be mistaken for separate storefronts of the same franchise. Both pizzerias employ similar techniques for stretching dough, and both pizzerias own virtually indistinguishable (gas) brick-top ovens. Both pizzerias have implemented the Subway/Chipotle menu methodology for patrons to customize their orders, and both pizzerias cater to gluten-intolerant and vegan diets.

Despite the similarities, one has to come out on top. Let’s take a look at how these two doughy-dynamos stack up against each other:



9118 Reseda Blvd. (corner of Reseda & Nordhoff)


Spacious & clean interior, plenty of parking

No frills, affordable ($8.25/pizza, $10 w/ reg. beverage)

Generous on toppings


Gas-fed oven (not wood) cooks pizzas @ 500 degrees

50/50 canned to fresh ingredients

Dough ball press, not hand-stretched

What Makes Them Unique

Total time from order to pick up: 6 min. w/ 8-person+ line

Food Ordered

Base– Herb butter (sauce less)

Cheese(s)– Mozzarella & Ricotta

Toppings– Bacon & Jalapeño


No rise (yeast) in the dough or crust, which was cracker-like

A little greasy with butter spread

Drowning in cheese

Lacks ingenuity, the novelty of the Chipotle assembly line is played-out

Pies could feed 1-2 people, 10” approximately

Overall: 6.5/10




9420 Reseda Blvd. (next to Bun Me!)


More extensive ingredient options

Adequate topping proportions

Smaller dining area, but available outside seating, vegan cheese


Smaller pizza, 8” personal size

Same style oven, and same style dough press

Disorganized pick-up/order stations

Claim to Fame

Gluten Free pizza crust

Food Ordered

Base– White Sauce (Alfredo)

Cheese(s)– Mozzarella & Ricotta

Toppings– Chorizo & Red Onion


Not as greasy as Pieology

White Sauce was too thick/heavy, and chorizo was inedible

More user/customer friendly

Better crust

Overall: 7/10

Winner: PizzaRev (by a slim margin)

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