Check out these haunted locations for a creepy encounter

Check out these haunted locations for a creepy encounter

Merrita Llarena

It’s that time of year again! Dressing up, getting sick from too much candy, and of course, getting scared from all the horror stories that come on and around Halloween. You may feel like you’re too old to go trick-or-treating, but too young to be passing out candy, so what is a college-aged student to do on Halloween? Well the answer is simple! If you love horror stories and being spooked, this is the perfect thing for you to do on Halloween night. Happy ghost hunting!


Colorado Street Bridge

Where: Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena CA 91105

First stop is the Colorado Street Bridge, located in Pasadena. Its nickname is “Suicide Bridge,” which somewhat implies the following: it’s haunted. With dead people come ghosts, and ghosts equal spooky nights. It is said that several spirits haunt the bridge, including a woman with a long robe who is seen walking on top of the bridge before she throws herself off. Many homeless people living under the bridge have reported hearing strange sounds and witnessing ghostly figures. Are you brave enough to check it out?

The Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, a.k.a "Suicide Bridge."

Griffith Park

Where: Mt. Hollywood Drive Los Angeles, CA 90027

There are several spots in and around Los Angeles that are said to be haunted, but this specific place takes the cake. Griffith Park, in L.A., is apparently one of the most haunted areas around. There are many legends that come with Griffith Park, which means there are a ton of areas within the park to check out. The most notorious legend is “the curse” that a distressed woman named Dona Petronilla placed on the entire area in 1863. She cursed the land saying all the cattle and fields would become diseased and die and that no one would profit from the land. Since then, Griffith Park has endured deadly wildfires and other disastrous events. The land’s deed holders, including Griffith J. Griffith all suffered horrific deaths. Some people even claim to see a ghost in the Crystal Springs Ranger Headquarters wearing a white dress sometimes riding a white horse, who is believed to be the infamous Dona Petronilla.

Hollywood Sign

Where: Beechwood Drive, CA (The street to park on to hike to the Hollywood Sign)

Many people will be surprised to know that hiking to the Hollywood Sign is actually illegal and it sits on private property. However, people do it anyway just to take that perfect picture to prove they were up close and personal with the actual Hollywood Sign. Another interesting fact that most people are unaware of is that the Hollywood Sign is haunted. A young aspiring actress, Peg Entwhistle, killed herself by jumping off the H on the sign, and now sticks around to haunt the area. People who hike the area claim to constantly see a woman who matches the description of Entwhistle and she disappears when people try approaching her. People also claim to smell an overwhelming scent of gardenia perfume, the same perfume Entwhistle wore when she was alive. Other sightings of her include seeing her jump off the H and disappearing before she hits the ground.

The famous Hollywood Sign, said to be one of the most haunted areas in Los Angeles.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Where: 7000 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90028

If you love Marilyn Monroe, then taking a trip to the Roosevelt Hotel in L.A. might be the perfect outing for you on Halloween. Apparently, Marilyn’s ghost still hangs around the hotel but she isn’t alone. She shares the hotel with another celebrity ghost, Montgomery Cliff. Guests have reported seeing Marilyn’s reflection hovering next to them in a full-length mirror located in the lobby, which was actually originally located in Marilyn’s poolside suite. Her ghost partner-in-crime, Montgomery Cliff, haunts the hotel a little differently. Guests claim they hear someone playing the trumpet in suite number 928, yet that room stays vacant. People have also allegedly seen a figure pacing the hallway right outside room 928 reciting his old lines. Montgomery lived in suite 928 for three months while filming the movie, From Here To Eternity. Light and faucets are also known to turn on and off by themselves and the front desk will sometimes receive calls coming from vacant rooms.