Carnaval to feature ethnic dances from different cultures at the USU

Brionna Lewis



The University Student Union (USU) will host Carnaval on April 17, which is a celebration of diversity featuring music, food and dance from every continent of the world.

The days festivities will start at 12:15pm with Kealoha, the first poet Laureate of Hawaii and an internationally acclaimed storyteller. Known for being the first poet to perform at the governor of Hawaii’s inauguration.

Celtic, Bollywood and Samba dancers will all grace the Carnaval stage throughout the day, as students are invited to taste a variety of cultural cuisines from around the world and explore more hands on arts like henna tattoos.

Celtic dance is an Irish dance performed both socially and as a formal performance dance. It is usually identified by rapid leg and foot movement while arms and upper body remain relatively still.

Bollywood song and dance was made popular by the Indian film genre of the same name. Bollywood dance is modelled after classical Indian dance style, northern indian courtesans, or folk dances.

Samba dancing, a lively rhythmic set of dances rather than a single dance originating in Brazil. It is the local dance style of the southeast and northeast Brazilian regions and is recognized as the world symbol for the Brazilian Carnaval.