Extreme Sports Blog: Halloween Special

Extreme Sports Blog: Halloween Special

Pete D. Camarillo

Every year the Berrics does something special for Halloween and this year the theme was “The Skating Dead.” Last year each Pro skater came in a unique well designed and thought out costume of their choice. This year they decided the Berrics decided to have them all dress up as bloody, ghoulish zombies. The video features skateboarding legends, Daewon Song, Guy Mariano and Eric Koston and other pros, Garrett Hill, Jamie Tancowny, Alex Midler and David Gonzalez. The video is very cool and creative, like always and is full of awesome tricks and treats! Go check it out.

Olympic Silver Medalist, Stale Sandbech, graces the October issue of Transworld Snowboarding Magazine. The epic photo was actually taken by his brother Frode, in Hemsedal Norway, their native country. They were filming for a new part for Oakley and this shot was so incredible, it was definitely cover worthy. The landscapes are always an important element to photographer, Frode who he was so excited when the amazing orange and yellow sunset lit up the sky beautifully as his brother got big air off a jump. They are incredibly happy with the outcome as is everyone else who buys it. Definitely, one to remember.

Link to interview: behind the scenes cover shoot

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