Getting over the mid-semester bump


Madeline Sensibile

It is already week 11 and spring break is just days away, but you’re probably still in need of a pick-me-up to get you through the next few weeks. Waking up every day early and going to sleep late just to get assignments done can get super rough on the mind and body. Luckily, by doing a few daily exercises, eating right, and setting aside a little “you” time, the race to May will be over in no time.

Eating right in the morning is the first step to feeling awake throughout the day. Instead of your regular sugar-filled Pop Tart or Frosted Flakes, try something like an açai bowl. An açai bowl is full of nutrients that your body needs, plus making 1 of these bowls yourself is pretty fun. All you’ll need is a blender, some frozen açai puree, various cut up fruits and some granola, and any other toppings you choose. While eating this nutritious breakfast, you’ll feel like you’re on a remote island far, far away.

1 of the most difficult parts about being an overloaded college student is finding time to get a little exercise in. If you wake up in the morning feeling stiff and don’t have time to run to the SRC at school, incorporate a few yoga poses into your morning routine.

By doing this, you’ll wake up your body through stretches and your body will feel much better during the day while you’re carrying that heavy backpack. If you only 15 minutes in the morning, try this routine. It includes downward facing dog, lunges, and tons of other poses that release tension in the back and legs that will invigorate your body.

If you’re at school for long periods of time, say from 9AM to 10PM and you have barely any time for a lunch break, make sure to bring prepped meals to schools so you don’t go hungry. The worst thing you can do for yourself at this point in the semester is getting that hunger-induced migraine in the middle of the day. Stop at the local craft store or even Target and purchase yourself a few reusable mason jars to pack lunches in.

You can literally make anything in a mason jar, such as overnight oats for breakfast, or a delicious Greek salad in a jar. Here are 27 recipes you can make in a mason jar. Now you have no excuse not to bring your lunch to school! Plus, by bringing your lunch, your wallet will be much happier. Its better to buy healthier ingredients to make your own meals instead of buying processed foods at school.

Waking up in the morning is difficult, but nothing is harder than having to stay up late to get assignments done. Before potentially pulling an all-nighter or even staying up a few extra hours, try meditating to set aside some time for yourself and clear your mind. Grab some healing crystals like fluorite or sunstone and listen to this 10-minute meditation. It’ll help you harness positive energy and thoughts and get that workflow going.

Remember, its just school! Even with a positive attitude, it is easy to feel burned out, so take these tips into account and have a solid race to the finish line.