Review: Kenny Burrell jazzes it up at LACMA’s jazz night


Julie Gauthier

The place to be before the long weekend was the LACMA, for another evening of jazz.

The museum was packed, perhaps due to the presence of legendary guitarist Kenny Burrell, recipient of the 7th annual L.A. Jazz Treasure award, which attracted fans from all over the town. The American jazz guitarist is well known for his collaborations with Jimmy Smith, and currently serves as professor and Director of Jazz Studies at UCLA.

People gathered around Friday September 4 at night with chairs, blankets and picnic bags. Burrell went on stage surrounding by a big band of musicians and a joyful crowd.

The crowd represented at LACMA was in full diversity, from young kids running and playing around to older jazz fanatic, the place was full of light and joy.

The sections sitting up front filled up fast, but the immense outdoors at LACMA make it great for family who wished to have more space. The only down side of sitting on the grass is it is difficult to hear the music. The atmosphere by the stages makes the evening phenomenal, it is worth it to stand to see artists perform.


Annie, 28 years-old, said, “I came here with my daughter and mother after work, it is nice evening to relax outside with family.”

Another couple trying to get a good photo of Burrell without having the security guard asking them to keep walking expressed their joy on that evening. “The sunset, the music and the drinks…I couldn’t ask for a better Friday,” said Josh, 35 years-old.

On this night, Burrell received the “L.A. Jazz Treasure Award from LACMA and the LA Jazz Society for his lengthy career and contribution into the jazz scene.”

Burrell’s years of experience could be resented from fan of jazz, the joy expressed by the crowd were contagious. Small areas by the stage are designed for people to dance and it was well appreciate for many who wanted to be a little closer to the musicians.

This Friday, Tom Rizzo will be playing at LACMA. The guitarist should be attracting perhaps a younger crowd with his funk, pop, folk, R&B and alternative background. Bring your friends and your favorite bottle of wine, see you this Friday!