USU hosts its first Noontime Concert of the semester

USU hosts its first Noontime Concert of the semester

Eliset Zapien

The songs of pop artists Sam Smith, Adele and Bruno Mars filled the outside stage of University Student Union on Thursday by CSUN student Juno Rada.

This week Rada performed in front of his fellow classmates at the Noontime Concert performance. Rada also took on the challenge and accepted distinct song requests from students and he did not fail to disappoint his audience.

“Aw c’mon now. You’re killing me up here,” Rada said.

The event is aimed to bring people together, no matter what type of music genre you enjoy. That is what musicians do, they make their songs to draw a particular type of crowd to what they are interested in.

“This event is held so that students can get a learning experience from different types of cultures,” said Liza Hess, the events assistant for music at the USU.

Fatimah Hakeem, CSUN student, stopped by the event because the beat of the music caught her attention.

“Even though I can’t understand every word in the song, I like the music,” Hakeem said. “I would definitely come back next week.”

CSUN student Ashley Moran enjoyed the chain of songs Rada performed.

“The music definitely caught my attention,” Moran said. “I saw the USU’s Snapchat about this performance and decided to come and check it out. It gives us a little break and entertainment from studying all week.”

Vseu Krawczeniak, 20-year-old CSUN student, said he heard him play and decided to sit down.

“I thought, he’s good,” Krawczeniak said. “I went to the gym, got something to eat and decided to stick around and hear some good music.”

Every Noontime Concert performance will be at the Plaza del Sol at the USU, every Thursday from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

The USU is accepting application for different kinds of musicians of all genres. Apply on the USU website at

For the entire fall semester there will be new artists performing and different types of music genres.