Tech Fest brings together STEM majors, potential employers

Eliset Zapien

Members of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory [JPL] and the Aerospace Corporation, along with more than 38 companies gave insight about working in the professional field to CSUN students on Wednesday.

Tech Fest was hosted by Career Center members and aimed to give students the chance to break away from their schedule and spend time networking with employers. Undergraduate and graduate students with interest in engineering, computer science, science, information systems and math majors flocked to the event.

“I’m here because I’m trying to get a job, or at least an internship while going to school at the same time,” Jose A. Loyola, 24, mechanical engineering major said. “There is a lot of information out there, but more importantly the interaction with the employers is what counts. They say us engineers are socially awkward, but with these events you really have the opportunity to sell yourself to them.”

Speakers from Aerospace gave students an inside peek at their company and discussed space systems on which Aerospace has worked. The systems are tools that the company has built and the engineering work is involved in their everyday work schedule.

JPL and Amgen members shared information on their companies, the job experience and the transition from being a college student to starting your career. They described their goals and how students can take part in them to better shape their own future.

Naval Facilities Engineering Command said they attended Tech Fest at CSUN to find new hires.

“We’re looking for an electric engineer in the naval facility,” Bob Fredrickson, the ocean engineering division director said. “We are always looking to find new candidates. I hired a student from here last year and he’s here with me today. We urge students to come check out our website for future job positions.”

More than 40 companies attended and students had multiple options for employer members to socialize with at the event. Hundreds of students filled the room in hopes to get an internship or set job after graduation.

William Mazartegoz, a 26-year-old electrical engineering alumni, who graduated in 2014 stopped by to network with several companies.

“I’m currently looking for an engineering position,” Mazartegoz said. “I am currently working but it isn’t in engineering. That is why I came to this event, to network and [tailor] my resumes to different companies for different positions.”

For those who missed the Tech Fest event, there will be another opportunity for students to network at the Speed Career Mentoring event at 4 p.m., on Tuesday, Oct. 20 in the Oviatt Library.