Sundial Songs of the Week: Fall Series, Vol. 6


Illustration by Julienne Shih

Vincent Nguyen

Contributed by Georgia Simone Levy

Things can get intense from here on out. It’s the eighth week of the semester, just halfway through this grueling journey we call school, but it’ll all be over soon enough. Keep fighting through the studies, but be sure to check these tracks out to stay on top of things, and above all, stay sane!

This week’s installment features guest DJ, New New, who provided tracks like “Selfless-ish” and “JMK.” Other songs include FYF performers METZ, whose new track “Eraser” is the epitome of garage band rock. There’s a bit more EDM on this list, with tracks from Vincent and Howle & Kidwaste (for those who want to party on and on). On the more relaxing side, Teo and Leoni Leoni bring the vibes out to keep things groovy. Without further ado, check the rest of the playlist out.


“Selfless-ish (Prod. J Dilla)”

Sampling production master J. Dilla, Teo keeps it relaxing, but gets things personal and logical. Needless to say, this track is BARS.

“I really liked what he was saying about we’re the entire world and there’s another world inside of us,” said 24-year-old CTVA student Matt Mucci. ” It was pretty emotional, which is, as an artist, I really respect, He’s coming out bearing his soul and not afraid to be emotional”

Running Touch

“This Is Just To Say”

The slow start off this track shouldn’t be a blanket covering a king-sized bed. Excuse the terrible metaphor, but once the song progresses within the first 30 seconds, it’s straight jamming from here on out. Be prepared to keep this track on repeat.

SPZRKT & Sango


It’s an ear-filler, but the vibe rolls through quite quickly. The beat is smooth and silky, and the vocals create a flow that accentuates the song. The song provides an old school Kanye West feel mixed with a modern groove to it.




Garage rock is really hard to find, and it’s really hard to execute to do right, but METZ does a fine job to recreate a Nirvana and Rage Against the Machine type song. This song expresses any frustration correctly, so don’t go around throwing textbooks off the shelves just yet.

Skizzy Mars

“Chemistry (ft. blackbear)”

This isn’t “Earned It” by the Weeknd. Much like “JMK,” this song keeps the beat tight and jazzy. It doesn’t try too hard to be sexy. Don’t sleep on this track, or in the library.