Student Travel Column: Destination Lithuania


The side of the street on the way back from Palanga, Lithuania. “We stopped because it was just so pretty,” said Danuteé. Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Danuté Scola

Julie Gauthier

Danuté Scola, a 20-year-old student majoring in Liberal Studies, talked to The Sundial about her trip to Lithuania.

On traveling from place to place:

“I went from Los Angeles to Lithuania, to Barcelona, to Pompeii, to Rome, to Florence and Pisa, to Cannes, to La Palma, to Barcelona again and…back to Lithuania. I adventured to a little bit of everywhere and I just wish I could have traveled to more places. I love to travel and I want to see the whole world one day.”

Q: Where did you travel?:

A: Lithuania.

Q: Who did you go with?

A: I went with my Mom for the first half of the trip and we met up with family friends and then I was there with friends.

Q: How long was your trip for?

A: My trip was 3 weeks. A week and a half then a break to travel in Europe and then another week and a half.

Q: What did you do?

A: I visited family while I was there for the first half traveling and seeing the country. Then the second half I stayed in the city and performed in a Lithuanian dance festival. The festival had over a 1000 dancers doing the same dance at the same time. The moves had several different shapes so while looking at it from the air it looks like a kaleidoscope.

Q: What was your favorite dish?

A: My favorite Lithuanian Dish is koldunai which is similar to meat dumplings.

Q: Mistake you’ve done or something you would have done differently?

A: I didn’t quite pack correctly for my trip. Lithuanian was just 3 weeks of my 2 month adventure. So I ended up not having all the clothes I needed for the weather and having too many I didn’t need.

Q: Do you have any tips for a student who wishes to travel?

A: One of my biggest tips is to keep a journal so you remember all your adventures and enjoy every moment of it because you will have those memories for a lifetime.

Q: Best travel quote?

A: “And then I realized adventures were the best way to learn.”

Q: Where would be your next trip?

A: My next trip will be somewhere in the states so I can save money to travel farther and I am venturing out to Baltimore and Washington D.C. I am meeting friends there and it should be a fun week trip.

Q: Have you ever traveled alone? Would you do it?

A: I have traveled alone, but they weren’t for extended periods of time. I have traveled to Canada alone but I met up with people after a day or two and I have also traveled through Barcelona alone for a day until I met up with my aunt. I love to travel but personally, I think, I prefer to at least meet up with people where I am going. Meeting new people is one of the most exciting things, but sometimes traveling in places so far from home can be a little unnerving. For me, personally, I think that the reason I would probably travel with someone is because I wouldn’t want to get lost in an area I’m not familiar with, as opposed to if I wasn’t alone I would at least know one person if I got lost.

Q: How would you describe what traveling means to you?

A: The World. I learned that every time I travel I find a little piece of me that I didn’t know was missing.