Student Travel Column: Destination Israel

Matthew Levine spending summer in Israel on August 5, 2015.

Matthew Levine in Negev, Israel on August 5th, 2015. Courtesy Photo by: Matthew Levine

Julie Gauthier

Matthew Levine, a 23-year-old, accounting student talked to The Sundial about his trip to Israel.

Q: Where did you travel?

A: Israel

Q: What is your favorite place you visited?

A: Jerusalem

Q: How long was you trip for?

A: 10 days

Q: What did you do?

A: I traveled around the entire country, from the Dead Sea to the Jordan River. We learned about the history, geography, culture, and current political climate of the region. We were accompanied by 10 Israelis to help us.

Q: What was your favorite dish?

A: Shawarma

Q: Did you go with friends? Family?

A: A group of 40 people from all over the West Coast of the United States.

Q: Mistake you’ve done or something you would have done differently?

A: Not packing enough clothes! Make sure to do so or have some laundry arrangements available. Luckily I found one.

Q: Do you have any trip advice for a student who wishes to travel?

A: Be open to new experiences. Just because something seems weird or different does not mean you should not participate.

Q: Best travel quote?

A: “When is the best time to travel? Yesterday.”

Q: Where would your next trip be to?

A: Domestically, Washington State. Internationally, China.

Q: Have you ever traveled alone? Would you wish to do it? Why or why not?

A: I have traveled alone and I am glad I experienced it. You learn a lot about how to be somewhere unfamiliar and it helps to be able to do whatever you choose!

Q: In one word, what does traveling means to you?

A: Exploration.