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CSUN student presents study on adverse childhood experiences found in college students

People display their project called,

Cristina Pimentel

December 6, 2016

When the American Public Health Association held their annual conference in Denver, where thousands of public health professionals learned the latest trends and practices to gain more knowledge in their careers, CSUN graduate student Christopher Rogers presented a project titled, “Prevalence of...

Students can now save more cash on textbooks with price matching

Woman pictured in bookstore browsing the textbooks

Cristina Pimentel

December 1, 2016

With spring semester just around the corner, students will soon find themselves falling in line at the CSUN bookstore once again. Prices of textbooks, either new or used, are undoubtedly a college students’ financial nightmare. But now the bookstore is here to help. The CSUN bookstore can now price...

Interstride texting hotline launched for international students

Black and white photo of a woman looking at her phone

Cristina Pimentel

November 21, 2016

Just after the presidential election, former international students and U.S. immigrants launched a free, texting helpline called Interstride. With Interstride, current international students have the opportunity to connect with counselors who can assist them with any challenges they are facing by just ...

Former CSUN student finds a home with the SFV Master Chorale

CSUN student poses against a stone wall

Cristina Pimentel

November 10, 2016

There’s no definite possibility of where we are destined to be or if your life career will be everything you hope. The excitement of it all is the journey and how it all began. At that very moment, all the stress and uncertainties of yourself don’t seem to make any sense until you’re wh...

CSU Campuses Receive $1.28 Million Grants to Improve College-Level Math Readiness

Woman is shown writing on a white board

Cristina Pimentel

November 6, 2016

The California Mathematics Readiness Challenge Initiative (CMRCI) was awarded two-year, $1.28 million grants to four California State University campuses on Friday, Oct. 28. According to an article on the CalState website, the grants will ensure college-level readiness for high school seniors and sup...

Teachings on the Supernatural World and Witchcraft enlightens students

Sabina Magliocco is shown smiling

Cristina Pimentel

October 18, 2016

Although Halloween is just around the corner for one night only, anthropology students get to discover the roots of witchcraft and the supernatural world all semester long. Among the variety of courses offers at CSUN, the anthropology department allows students to explore a whole other world, creating...

A How to on Voting

students shown voting

Cristina Pimentel

October 15, 2016

With this year’s presidential election nearing, one of the frequently asked questions is, “Who are you voting for?” It seems that candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are inevitable. However, there are many questions and uncertainties on how to go about voting. It’s not ...

Clown Sightings alert students on campus

clown sillouette

Cristina Pimentel

October 7, 2016

Every worst nightmare and fear of clowns during your childhood has now come to life as attackers in clown masks walk the streets. The clown hysteria has not only become nationwide, but it puts both children and adults in danger near schools and in their neighborhoods. According to Time, the clown frenzy began in South Carolina after clowns were spo...

The Oasis is the Best of Both Worlds

Two men sitting and talking outside

Cristina Pimentel

October 3, 2016

A scent of lavender rushes through your nostrils as you enter through the glass double doors. You come across an array of ivory couches and leather massage chairs patiently waiting to be occupied in the intimate, dimly lit room. An atmosphere of serenity surrounds you. Students begin to file in quietly,...

Filmmakers Call “Action!” on Campus

File Photo/The Sundial

Cristina Pimentel

October 1, 2016

You’re at home watching your favorite TV show or that popular box office movie in theaters. In this scene, students with their backpacks are walking aimlessly to class. In another, the actress is walking down empty halls of a place you suddenly recognize. You think to yourself, “Why does that place...

American Indian Student Association become one with North Dakota

3 students at CSUN protest the dakota access pipeline

Cristina Pimentel

September 30, 2016

A line of students dressed in red t-shirts held up prominent posters in order to capture attention on the Oviatt Lawn. As the slogans “Love water, not oil” and “No justice, no peace,” are chanted with loud, passionate voices, students walking by them remove one earphone and think to themselves,...

Thursday’s News Wrap

football players kneel

Cristina Pimentel

September 22, 2016

National Yahoo confirms that at least 500 million accounts were stolen and breached, affecting its users. The company believes the breach back in 2014 is associated with a state-sponsored actor, who is acting on behalf of a government. Personal data, such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, passwo...

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