The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

Sevag Alexanian speaks at podium

AS makes calls for state cash

Donna Lugo November 29, 2016

Associated Students hosted a phone-banking event on Monday in an attempt to reach Gov. Jerry Brown’s office and urge him to fully fund the Cal State System and fend off a potential tuition fee increase.The...

CSUN campus pictured busy with students

Political correctness divides students on campus

Donna Lugo November 29, 2016

Students on campus are divided on whether political correctness is necessary so as to not offend others or rather if it is a form of censorship.Women are frequently used as examples of what being "too...

2 people look through pictures

Permanent EOP Director Still M.I.A.

Donna Lugo November 17, 2016

There has been somewhat of a grassroots movement led by a handful of students who have been rallying behind Shiva Parsa, current interim director of the Educational Opportunities Program here at CSUN. This...

Pictured is the blues project booth

CSUN Beats the Blues this week

Donna Lugo November 14, 2016

CSUN's University Counseling Services' BLUES Project will host a variety of free events and workshops this coming week in honor of "Beat the BLUES Week 2016." The BLUES Project is comprised of a group...

Three veterans pictured holding American flag

Voters split on Prop 61

Donna Lugo November 6, 2016

One of the measures that has the most money at stake this election is Proposition 61, which states it would limit the amount of money state agencies like Medi-cal would pay for prescription drugs, according...

Photo shows voting poll place

The Latinx community has the power to swing an election

Donna Lugo November 6, 2016

During the period between the 2000-2012 presidential elections, around 10 million Latinos were eligible to vote, however, about less than half that number voted.This indicates that Latinos have the power...

Photo shows man with his feet up on a desk with a clock for a face

Procrastination Support Group Helps Students Take Control

Donna Lugo October 29, 2016

Among some of the campus resources students can utilize lies a somewhat unusual support group. This group seeks to help students who tend to procrastinate rather than getting their work done before...


CSUN promotes voting participation through “All In Democracy Challenge”

Donna Lugo October 14, 2016

During this tumultuous election year, CSUN has put together several programs and events in an attempt to spur student engagement and rev up student voter turnout. This is all due to the campus’s All...

Photo shows student acting in school play

Review: Fabulation, or the Re-Education of Undine

Donna Lugo October 12, 2016

The term “fabulation” comes from 1960s American literary critic Robert Scholes. He used it to describe literature that violates, in various ways, standard novelistic expectations. In Christine Menzie’s,...

Firefighters pictured at CSUN

Campus power outage

Donna Lugo October 6, 2016

Sierra Hall, Redwood Hall, Manzanita Hall, and the Oviatt library were only some of the buildings reported as having lost electricity early Thursday morning. The exact cause of the outrage is still...

Woman speaks to theater before movie starts

CSUN’s Women’s Research and Resource Center host “The Danish Girl” screening and Q&A

Donna Lugo September 30, 2016

CSUN's Women's Research and Resource Center hosted an exclusive screening and Q&A of the film, "The Danish Girl," with guest speakers Cadence Valentine and Trista Hidalgo Wednesday night at the University...

acai bowl pictured

Small Berry, Small Store, Huge Flavor

Donna Lugo September 29, 2016

There is a hidden food gem currently nestled inconspicuously in a carwash just steps away from campus. It is Ubatuba Acai Bowls, and if you walk by fast enough, you’ll miss it. It is a shack with...

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