Campus power outage


Fire fighters respond to reports of smoke coming out of the emergency generators that were activated when a power outage occurred around 9:30am on Thursday. Photo credit: James Fike

Donna Lugo

Sierra Hall, Redwood Hall, Manzanita Hall, and the Oviatt library were only some of the buildings reported as having lost electricity early Thursday morning.

The exact cause of the outrage is still unknown. The power, however, is now back on in all of these buildings. Campus officials are currently working with Department of Water and Power (DWP) officials to determine the nature of the issue.

Physical Plant Management senior director, Jason Wang, said the power outage was a problem with not just the campus, but a large part of the Northridge area and unrelated to the CSUN infrastructure.

“The DWP line that feeds CSUN had an outage it seems and they had to switch us to our backup feed,” Wang said.

Yesenia, a sophomore and psychology major, said she was startled by the sudden loss of electricity.

“I was sitting at a table in front of the Freudian Sip trying to watch a story about Hurricane Matthew and the T.V. and lights went out. That was around 9 o’clock,” Yesenia said.

Others saw the loss as power as a potentially fortuitous occurrence.

“I had class at 11 in Sierra Hall and I was hoping the power would stay off so class would be cancelled,” said Raul, a Chicano studies major. “But then the lights came on and I was like, ‘Ah damn!’.”

Ryan, a business management major who works the IT desk at the Oviatt, said he was busy fielding complaints from frantic students who feared their work on computers had been lost.

“They’ve been asking me a lot is the power out all over campus? Is my work going to be saved on the computer? Stuff like that. I’m like if you didn’t save it, yeah, it’s gonna be lost,” Ryan said.

According to Wang, the last on campus power outage occurred during the commencement ceremonies back in May of this year.

More details on this story are forthcoming.


* Elizabeth Vazquez also contributed to this article.