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Pacquiao or Mayweather: students pick winner of big fight

Pacquiao or Mayweather: students pick winner of big fight

Esmeralda Ramirez April 29, 2015

With the most anticipated boxing match inching closer and closer, students choose the winner of perhaps the biggest fight ever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EooG62YEipg&feature=youtu.be  

CSUN students helped raise awareness/ funds for Watsi - a non profit organization that enables anyone to directly fund medical care for people in need from third-world countries. Photo credit: Esmeralda Ramirez

Watsi Club promotes accessible finances required for medical care

Esmeralda Ramirez April 24, 2015

CSUN students helped raise awareness and funds for Watsi, a non-profit organization that enables anyone to directly fund low-cost and high-impact medical care for people in need from third-world countries,...

Waist training: the dangers behind the trend

Waist training: the dangers behind the trend

Esmeralda Ramirez April 14, 2015

When I first saw waist trainers I saw them on Instagram as I would scroll around through the people I follow. At first I thought they wear just more trendier versions of sweat wraps. According to Perfect...

Residents of the Venezuela-Colombia border town San Antonio, Venezuela, rally March 6, 2008, for peace between the two countries. The banner reads We are United Brother Countries. Tensions between the two countries exploded this week after Colombian troops killed 17 Colombian guerrillas inside Ecuador. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez responded by threatening war if Colombian troops entered Venezuela. (Jack Chang/MCT)

Venezuelan officials are still a threat to national security

Esmeralda Ramirez April 7, 2015

Although many of us might know that Kim Kardashian colored her hair platinum blonde, how many people are aware that the U.S. has declared Venezuela a national threat Monday, March 2, 2015? Probably not...

Fathellas wall was initially yellow, but while renewing her lease, she asked the manager if she could repaint the wall blue. Wynnona Loredo / Staff Photographer

Living out someone else’s dreams

Esmeralda Ramirez April 6, 2015

Ayat Fathella, 21 and the youngest of four siblings, came to the US from Kuwait in Oct. 2012. She is study civil engineering, and plans to graduate Fall 2017, but it’s not what she wants. "It's my...

Leading your child to success one sign at a time

Leading your child to success one sign at a time

Esmeralda Ramirez April 3, 2015

When young children do not have the ability to express themselves verbally being able to use sign language is such a wonderful alternative way to communicate. Coming from my experience of working with...

Crafting your own flower crown

Crafting your own flower crown

Esmeralda Ramirez April 2, 2015

Here are a ten easy steps to make your own flower crowns at home that are easy and perfect to wear for music festivals. Before we begin anything make sure to have the following items:Fake flowers of any...

Photo credit: Esmeralda Ramirez

Keeping your make up fresh under harsh music festival conditions

Esmeralda Ramirez March 25, 2015

Here are some tips and tricks for amazing makeup that is long-lasting, even in the mix of the heat and dusty scene of music festivals. With Coachella and Stagecoach right around the corner, many of us...

Photo credit: Kristine Delicana

Do you know the impacts of TV, video games, and movies?

Esmeralda Ramirez February 26, 2015

Violence in the media is one of the most popular topics that has been carefully researched in many longitudinal studies. In my opinion, it is a powerful learning tool and influences us, knowingly...

Sophia Bracho gets enrollment information from Blue Shield of California last fall in Los Angeles. The insurer faces questions about its 2015 networks. (Gary Friedman/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Obamacare Vs. CSUN’s insurance

Esmeralda Ramirez February 18, 2015

There is a question about whether there is any real competition between Obamacare or the university Insurance. In reality, I believe they have more similarities than differences. Both programs have...

Senioritis is real

Senioritis is real

Esmeralda Ramirez February 18, 2015

  Senioritis, According to urbandictionary.com: "a crippling disease that strikes high school seniors. Symptoms include: laziness, an over-excessive wearing of track pants, old athletic...

Pro- Education in social media

Pro- Education in social media

Esmeralda Ramirez February 6, 2015

Is social media benefiting our education or not? I personally believe that social media is beneficial and the easiest way to access information quickly. We just have to determine the accuracy of information...

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