Waist training: the dangers behind the trend

Waist training: the dangers behind the trend

Esmeralda Ramirez

When I first saw waist trainers I saw them on Instagram as I would scroll around through the people I follow. At first I thought they wear just more trendier versions of sweat wraps.

According to Perfect Definitions, “Waist training is a gradual process of waist reduction using a latex waist cincher or corset, Also known as waist cinching this practice came to prominence during Victorian times.Waist training requires dedication and devotion, it is not something that will just happen by occasionally wearing your waist cincher and it will take time, it will also need maintenance.”

You are essential training your waist to become a smaller size then it would naturally be. It applies tight presser that compresses your organs and helps to shrink your stomach. Does that sound healthy?

Sure you may be seeing so many people you know with these incredible results and you might be thinking of giving it a try. Before you even consider purchasing a waist trainer, you should probably do you research and find out what it can do to your body in the future.

Quick and easy is great but what if it can cause serious harm to your body that can lead to serous health problems later on in your life. All just because you wanted to have a curvier body and tiny waist.

The really question is if it safe and is it worth it? Do people really know what it is doing to their bodies? If they learn what it is really doing to their bodies will the waist training users cut back from using it?

According to an episode of Dr. Oz Shows How Waist Training Affects Your Body, he shows how waist training has not been proved to be a safe way to loose weight and to slim down your waist size.

Research is still being done on waist trainers but are the quick and easy results worth being a statistic on a method that has not been certified as a safe way to make your waistline thinner.