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In keeping with the Tradition of the Rose, in which students place roses around the matador statue to symbolize accomplishments, struggles or other major changes in their lives, fresh roses can be found lying at his feet. Many students turn to this tradition for good luck during important sporting event or as the case is now, in preparation for finals week. Photo credit: Ana Rodriguez / Assistant Photo Editor

AS talks grad tickets, honors basketball teams with roses

Tushita Vidhale May 5, 2014

An additional three tickets for commencement ceremonies will be given to most graduating seniors, according to university adviser Tom Piernik during Monday’s Associated Students (AS) meeting. AS...

Photo Credit: Jennifer Oliva Pedroza/Contributor

Friends of Oviatt host used book sale to raise money for library

Tushita Vidhale March 26, 2014

The Oviatt Library hosted their regular used book sale Tuesday at the Oviatt Library Portico. The book sale is organized about four times a year and presented by the Friends of the Oviatt, an organization...

Francesca Vega the director of government and community relations at CSUN talking to the A.S. counsel about how she could offer her assistance at the A.S. meeting on Monday, March 24 at the USU Grand Salon. (Photo Credit: Dache Jackson/Daily Sundial)

AS honors women’s volleyball team at Monday meeting

Tushita Vidhale March 24, 2014

 (AS) praised the CSUN women’s volleyball team and applauded their success during the 2013 season at their weekly meeting Monday. The team, along with coach Jeff Stork, were presented with a...

Associated Students commend women’s volleyball team at meeting

Tushita Vidhale March 24, 2014

The Associated Students (AS) started their meeting by praising the CSUN women's volleyball team and applauding their success during the 2013-14 season. The team players, along with coach Jeff Stork, were...

CSUN establishes first student Peace Club in the nation

CSUN establishes first student Peace Club in the nation

Tushita Vidhale March 24, 2014

One of the great aspects about attending a university is the numerous clubs and organizations offered on campus, especially here at CSUN. While many clubs aim to help students become more interactive...

AS talks about improving sports programs, recycling theft

Tushita Vidhale February 25, 2014

Brandon Martin, the director of intercollegiate athletics, sought help from AS to spread awareness about the athletic initiative programs and to help condition CSUN athletics in becoming one of the top...

CSUN Students for Israel ask AS to help prevent further discrimination

Tushita Vidhale February 10, 2014

Representatives from the CSUN Students for Israel (CSI) attended the Associated Students (AS) meeting on Monday to call attention to an incident last November in which they say hate speech was used. The...

CSUN math professor Maria DOrsogna fights for Italian coastline

CSUN math professor Maria D’Orsogna fights for Italian coastline

Tushita Vidhale February 10, 2014

As cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead would say, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Justifying the...

Award-winning environmental documentary to be screened on campus

Tushita Vidhale January 29, 2014

Gasland Part II, an HBO documentary directed by Josh Fox will be screened on campus tomorrow. This is a free event on campus funded by the Institute for Sustainability and a non-profit organization called...

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