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  • September 29CORONAVIRUS DAILY UPDATE: 905 new cases, 39 death in L.A. County

LA Leakers draw large crowd at Matador Nights

students happily celebrating on dance floor

Daniel Valencia

April 23, 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]L.A. Leakers took the show during Matador nights on Friday, that had students dancing all night long. The bi-annual event brought in a DJ performance from Power 106's L.A. Leakers, a DJ duo comprised of DJ Sourmilk and Justin Credible. “Just to see the outcome...

Emo Nite at the Echoplex returns

Promotion flyer for Emo Nite with a woman holding a headstone

Christine Martinez

January 29, 2018

It’s the start of a new semester and while you’re probably riding high on the anticipations of totally slaying your new classes, promising to study really hard and staying on top of all your assignments, you might already be feeling the pangs of realization. Oh yeah, it’s a whole new semester. The...

Blue Moves To Canada

Comic titled

Cynthia Escamilla

November 14, 2016

Blue is excited to see who the next President will be, but when the results aren't exactly what she expected, she decides to move to Canada instead.

Pastry passion leads to sweet lifestyle for the Duke of Donuts

man poses with voodoo doughnut employee

Ashley Horton

September 19, 2016

He has visited dozens of donuts shops all over the city and on his quest to find the best donut’s LA has to offer. He has a passion for food blogging and documents his countless adventures all over social media, calling himself the Duke of Donuts. This donut aficionado is none other than CSUN...

The Band Behind the Muse

Band members pictured sitting on stools

Cristina Pimentel

September 3, 2016

The 20s are a momentous decade full of the “must dos.” Partying all night, learning how to cook and traveling by yourself are all ideal successes for a twenty-something-year-old. For bandmates Nicolas De La O, 22, Audrey Reed, 23, Victor San Pedro, 22, and Elias Vasquez, 26, playing their ori...

Today’s Tunes: EDM

Picture of Deadmau5 performing with a red backdrop

Harrison Katz

September 2, 2016

Since the inception of electronic music in the 1970s, the genre has progressed and evolved tremendously emerging into the phenomenon that is known today as EDM. EDM is an umbrella term that encompasses numerous genres including house, dubstep, trap, trance, techno and countless others. Over time,...

Big Show Preview

Large, lit-up letters read

Brandon Macken

September 1, 2016

A change from last year's time, Big Show is now scheduled to be from 1p.m.-4p.m. on Oct. 23. Performing at the event will be EDM artists Louis the Child and BØRNS along with rapper Lil Dicky.Louis the Child is a Chicago-based EDM musical duo who is best known for their single "It's Strange." The tw...

Sting’s arrival causes parking closures on campus

Sting enthusiastically sings into the mic with his hand in the air

Audrey Arellano

August 31, 2016

British singer and the man behind The Police, Sting, will have an exclusive VIP concert at KCSN on Wednesday, where he will premiere his first rock album in 13 years and 12 studio album called “57th & 9th," which is scheduled to be released on November 11. “It’s crazy that Sting is playing...

Review: “Between the World and Me” and “The Fat Tail”

need 2 read logo shows woman sitting atop a pile of books while reading a book

Ryan Mancini

August 30, 2016

Race in America is an issue that has gained new purpose in recent years. With the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and the subsequent protests against police brutality, it has been a national focus point. Journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates, who has closely observed and reported on these affairs, has already written a memoir about what i...

Gene Wilder dead at 83

Still from the movie

Robert Spallone

August 29, 2016

Actor Gene Wilder, who starred in films such as “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and “Young Frankenstein,” died on Sunday night at the age of 83, according to news reports. Wilder’s lawyer, Eric Weissmann, confirmed the star’s death Monday afternoon to CNN. “Even though his characters w...

Music Mondays: ‘I like that old time rock and roll’

Roger Walters plays guitar in a concert

Ashley Horton

August 29, 2016

Rock music began to emerge in mainstream society during the 1950s and 1960s. As a new generation came of age, rock music began to reflect a cultural revolution. The evolution of rock and roll has had a lasting impact on American society, and has influenced many of today’s greatest artists. “I...

New exhibit brings LA’s overlooked landscapes to the forefront

Acrylic painting shows a helicopter flying over buildings

Vanessa Saenz

August 27, 2016

The newest art exhibition at California State University, Northridge’s (CSUN) art galleries showcases pieces from artist Karla Klarin’s fascination with the overlooked landscapes of the beloved and imperfect City of Los Angeles (LA). “Karla Klarin: Subdividing the LAndscape” exhibit opens...

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