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CSUN experience will only make you stronger

defaultuser May 26, 2006

Last week my hip, young mother told me, "You're all growns up. Now, what are you going to do?" At first this obscure reference to the movie "Swingers" made me chuckle. I thought "My mom is so original."...

Half of graduates may not attend commencement

OnTay Johnson May 26, 2006

Based on 2005 CSUN statistics, the number of students who are able to graduate but do not attend the commencement ceremony could be around 50 percent for the 2006 commencement ceremonies. Christopher Aston,...

Sayonara to four years’ worth of joys and woes

defaultuser May 26, 2006

For so long I have scorned CSUN for a multitude of problems I have encountered here. Only recently have I come to a realization that half of these dilemmas are shared by many students. But not to stifle...

Some graduating seniors struggle with being uninsured

defaultuser May 26, 2006

Gina Banuelos, senior sociology major, suffers from bladder infection and does not have health insurance to help her relieve her ailments. "I couldn't afford it. (It) is too expensive," Banuelos said....

Graduation with no greencard, what happens next?

Carol Morales May 26, 2006

Ana is a graduating student with no future. Ana, psychology major, isn't thinking about getting a job in her field of study. She isn't even thinking about life after college. "I don't really like to...

Benefits of graduating with CSUN degree varies

defaultuser May 26, 2006

Many CSUN students struggle with whether graduating with a CSUN's bachelor's degree as opposed to a UC or private school matters when applying for jobs. Jagseer Sing Sagar, graduating international business...

University position on Tseng family collection

defaultuser May 26, 2006

(The following are excerpts from a statement provided by university officials.) Dr. Preusser has a demonstrated record of skill and independence. Before working for LACMA, Dr. Preusser had a 30-year-plus...

Seven experts say objects not genuine antiquities

defaultuser May 26, 2006

The Daily Sundial contacted scholars of ancient Chinese antiquities from around the world, seven of whom are presented below. All experts contacted by the Sundial expressed serious doubts about the authenticity...

Authenticity of Tseng artifacts questioned

defaultuser May 26, 2006

Nearly three months after an exhibition of Chinese artifacts that were donated to CSUN, a retired curator of Far Eastern art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art wrote to university President Jolene...

Latinas en la lucha por derechos iguales

Esmeralda Robles May 26, 2006

El mural que se encuentra en la planta baja del Departamento de Estudios Chicanos de CSUN, ilustra la historia chicana. El mural retrata a trabajadores del campo, l?deres pol?ticos, estudiantes, y ma-...

Profesora plantando semillas de cambio

Ashlea Tate May 26, 2006

Al entrar en la oficina de Mar?a Elena Zavala, fui saludada con la vista de libros cient?ficos llenando estanter?as y un escritorio con grandes pilas de documentos, papeles y otras cosas que requer?an...

Best Captured Moments #2

defaultuser May 19, 2006

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