The Sundial

Owens will not be caught dead on Sunday

Johan mengesha and Oscar Areli

September 29, 2006

Arizona at Atlanta Johan: Leinart or Warner, it doesn't matter. The Falcons got embarrassed on Monday night and the Cardinals are going to pay for it. The shotgun option that Atlanta added to their playbook this season was shut down by the Saints and the Falcons' receivers couldn't hang on to the footba...

Fall fashion guide: Blast from the past

Jillian Ballard

September 28, 2006

While you were purchasing your bikinis for the summer, fashion designers already had their plans for fall. The fall styles are already in stores for the picking. There are a few basic essentials that can be paired with the items already in your abundant closet. What's in style? Skinny is in! Skinny pa...

CSUN takes tournament with two late goals

Matt Crosson

September 28, 2006

Late goals by Kristy Krohn and Tessa javascript:autoSummary();Binkley helped secure the CSUN women's soccer team's first tournament championship of the year in Hawaii on Sept. 23-25. The Matadors beat Detroit and Hawaii at the Ohana Hotels and Resorts Soccer Invitational by identical scores of 2-1 la...

Weekly Staff Editorial


September 28, 2006

One of the reasons we decided to become reporters was to inform people and for a chance to have the one story that could make a difference in not only one person's life, but in many. The opportunity to cause changes through reporting does not come too often for reporters. For us it is our "dare to ...

Letter to the editor


September 28, 2006

In response to "Freedom of speech is very important" by William Kammer published on Monday, Sept. 25. "Freedom of speech is one of the most important right we have as Americans and as human beings, even if not everyone respects that right." I agree with this statement, partially. Yes it is an imp...

CSUN political clubs: missing in action

Micah Flores

September 28, 2006

CSUN students are not known for their involvement in politically motivated clubs and organizations. And with more than 250 on-campus clubs and organizations to choose from, only two - Republicans and Greens - are beginning to actively promote political party involvement, according to the Matador Involveme...

Overdue tickets? Vehicles ‘booted’

Jeremy Foster

September 28, 2006

Once upon a time, if your vehicle was cited for five parking violations, it was towed. But since then, car boots have been used by campus parking enforcement as a way of forcing drivers with multiple parking citations to pay up. "Boots are actually a way to assist people who have let their citations...

Trendy and affordable

Liana Aghajanian

September 28, 2006

Next to shoes, handbags are probably the greatest accessory a girl can buy. As the seasons come and go, however, they bring with them a multitude of trends that shouldn't be ignored. This season, rich colors, textures and embellishments grace the fall lineup of handbags to please even the most fickle bu...

The ban on too skinny models by Spanish gov’t

Adriana Olivarez

September 28, 2006

The example set by Spain in prohibiting extremely thin models is the beginning of a social awakening in setting standards of beauty. It is about time that someone put a stop to this unhealthy image of women and its repercussions on society. Luisel Ramos died after a fashion show. She died trying to...

Program created in wake of construction


September 28, 2006

Last year, the College of Engineering and Computer Science established the Construction Management Technology Program because of a strong demand from the surrounding community. "Look around you," said Mohamed Hegab, professor and adviser for the program. "There is construction all around L.A." He is rig...

Graduate student receives Hearst Trustees award, scholarship

Nicholas Collard

September 28, 2006

She acknowledges herself as a late bloomer with a short, half-joking outburst of laughter. At the age of 49, CSUN graduate student Anne Huddleston is undergoing a rebirth. Huddleston is nearing completion of her master's degree in history and on Sept. 19 became CSUN's academic poster girl when she ...

Madden curse claims another NFL star

Victor Flores

September 28, 2006

The NFL's reigning MVP Shaun Alexander went down with an injured foot in Week 3 of the regular season continuing a trend that many have been calling a "curse." For the last few years, players who have shown the ability to perform among the elite players in the league have been given the opportunity to appear...

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