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Learn to ‘thrift’ the right way

Natalie Rivera

March 30, 2013

   Nothing beats walking out of a thrift shop with a bag full of finds and still a pocket full of cash. My mantra has always been, "you don’t have to have mad money to have mad style." Thrift shopping is your answer to looking unique and dapper without breaking the bank.The hit new song "Thrift Sh...

Smashion combines social networking and fashion

Ashley Soley-Cerro

March 24, 2011

Fashion enthusiasts have been connecting for years by using the accessibility of a cyber community. The business world has caught on to the idea, and Smashion, a website that allows users to connect through buying and selling the latest trends, is one the latest companies to jump on the bandwagon. “The concept is a social fashion site to connec...

Project Ethos melds fashion, art and music to promote new artists during L.A.’s Fashion Week

Angela Melero

October 25, 2010

roject Ethos celebrated new talent at its L.A. Fashion Week event Friday night at the Avalon in Hollywood. The event combined fashion, music and art with a line-up that included two runway fashion shows and live musical performances. Art student and event attendee Brian Aspinwall, 28, said the...

FIDM exhibits costumes from television shows and movies

Angela Melero

September 1, 2010

Television and fashion united once more at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in downtown Los Angeles for the fifth annual “Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design” exhibit. In honor of this year’s Primetime Emmy-nominated costume designers, FIDM partnered with the...

Trends Fashion Club to host “Style is Eternal” advanced studio class students to showcase their fashion designs along with professional designers

Stephanie Bermudez

May 4, 2010

CSUN’s up and coming fashion designers will end the semester by showing off their work at the “Style Is Eternal” fashion show presented by Trends Fashion Club in the Northridge Center on Friday, May 7 at 7 p.m. The show is open to everyone at $10 a person. Tickets will be sold all week and the...

Staff editorial: The unforgettable first impression


May 3, 2010

As human beings in a civilized society, clothing is an essential part of our everyday life. For as long as we can date back, fashion has always been an evolving part of human lifestyle. In prehistoric times, individuals wore animal skin for protection from natural conditions such as harsh rays from...

Funky fresh fashion: Up-and-coming fashion designer launches her own line of hip-hop street wear

Chelsea Underwood

April 19, 2010

Point Blank Los Angeles is an up and coming fashion line by LA-based fashion designer Donna Adi Yehuda, a 19-year old fashion design and marketing major. Yehuda has loved fashion since the very beginning since she was very young. “I was scarred as a child by the way my mother would dress me, she...

Mock brands modify fashion. Multimillion-dollar fashion industry competes with new rivals of the age.

Olga Govdyak

October 1, 2009

The consumer market overrules the fashion industry, leading designers to make their garments based on their demands. Although hundreds upon thousands of dollars are invested into fashion week annually, new couture and fashion trends are not selling to the mass buyers. As the recession deepens and ...

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