Fashion-Forward Friday: Recycled Fashion Trends


(Thomas Gallegos/ Illustrator)

Ugochi Obinma

Denim overalls, Doc Martens, oversized flannel shirts, tie dye, harem pants, “grillz” and we can’t forget the infamous Timberlands. Is your closet having déjà vu? With fashion constantly recycling trends we thought were dead and gone for good, these trends are making a comeback and its way back into your closets.

Fashion has this habit of recycling old ideas and throwing a new spin on them, but the real question is what works? What trends need to die and stay strictly in the past because they didn’t work then and don’t work now?

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(Thomas Gallegos/ Illustrator)


The overalls epidemic from the 50’s has proven its shelf life is reoccurring and long lasting as it finds its way back to the 21st century as tweens, teens and young adults rock this vintage throwback look. Overalls are one of those trends that can prosper and be endless only if you wear it right. Properly wearing overalls requires head to toe perfection.

In other words, the right shoes, the right shirt complimenting your overalls and most importantly the right amount of off the shoulder action if that look applies. Overalls are not for everyone and it takes someone with a sense of style to make this era work. The denim piece can be dressed up with heels, a statement necklace and a clutch for a night out of town and dressed down with some converse or combat boots and a simple T-shirt.

Over-sized flannels are a must have and a trend that just keeps on trending. Everyone should at least have one go to flannel in their closet. I suggest you head to Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, Forever 21 or even a thrift store to go get one. Flannels are interchangeable and can be both dressed up and dressed down and truly make an outfit pop.

(Thomas Gallegos/ Illustrator)


Harem pants aka “Hammer pants” need to make their way back into the 80’s and out of your closets. These pants just might be the most unflattering pair of pants in the history of fashion and does nothing for that booty. No one except MC Hammer himself looks good in these no matter what pattern or how you style them, they just don’t work unless you’re impersonating the infamous MC Hammer himself or if you were purposely going for the diaper look.

Not grills, but “grillz” with a z are hitting the mouths of people near you. Diamond covered accessories made strictly for your teeth may just be the stupidest fashion statement ever. Throwing us back to when that Nelly song called grillz came out, individuals are still keeping this trend alive even though its grave is currently awaiting its arrival.

Timberlands are timeless and classic and have been one of the biggest trends of the season and it works especially for the stylish and well dressed. You could pretty much name Timberlands a statement piece because it’s a one of a kind shoe that won’t go out of style anytime soon and probably will be in the trend game for the long run as this 6-inch boot keeps its popularity alive.