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Matador News

Matador News

Matador News February 4, 2015

ISIS has posted a video it says shows a downed Jordanian pilot being burned alive, and Greek activities at CSUN are cancelled because of past hazing problems. Matador News reporter Frankie Benkovic talks...

Beyond the Haze

Beyond the Haze

Gabriela Rodriguez December 9, 2014

On Point looks at fraternities and sororities at CSUN, after this summer's death of Armando Villa, with Interfraternity Council President Josh Stepakoff, former Pan Hellenic Council vice-president Katrina...

Illustration by Kristine Delicana/Illustrations Editor

Greek alumni responds to administration’s decision on alleged hazing

Daily Sundial November 21, 2014

As a student of CSUN and alumni of the Greek system, I feel that the restrictions, and reaction of the CSUN administration, to the slew of hazing allegations were justified. When a student dies while...

Administrators address greek community in closed-door meeting regarding hazing

Michael J. Arvizu October 31, 2014

President Dianne Harrison and Vice President of Student Affairs William Watkins spoke to fraternity and sorority members in a closed-door meeting on Friday afternoon to address the incidents of hazing...

LASD investigation into alleged CSUN hazing death set for DA review

Samantha Petersen October 27, 2014

The investigation report into the death of Armando Villa is completed and set to be taken to the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office tomorrow according to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Homicide...

Pi Kappa Alpha pledge reported possible hazing activities one week ago

Andrew Martinez October 24, 2014

The hazing incident which resulted in the halt to all pledge activities for sororities and fraternities was brought to the university’s attention last Friday, Dr. William Watkins, vice president of student...

LASD completes Villa investigation, awaiting coroner report

Samantha Petersen September 24, 2014

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASD) Homicide Bureau has completed their investigation into the death of CSUN student Armando Villa and is waiting on an official report from the LA County Department...

CSUN Zeta Mu Hazing Investigation  - full report

CSUN Zeta Mu Hazing Investigation – full report

Andrew Martinez September 10, 2014

The CSUN investigation report on the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity hazing allegations was released Sept. 5 by the university administration. The report concludes that the Zeta Mu chapter of Pi Kappa Phi at CSUN...

Jamie Chastened, Right holds Maria Casteneda, Armando Villas aunt as she speaks to the press after President Dianne F. Harrison reads the report on the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity incident at the University Hall on Friday. The fraternity Pi Kappa Phi chapter at CSUN has been forever removed from the university following the death of Armando Villa. (Photo credit: David J. Hawkins/Sundial Staff

Zeta Mu, hazing practices evident in CSUN report

Mateo Melero September 10, 2014

    The investigation report released Sept. 5 into the death of CSUN student Armando Villa stated the fraternity subjected pledges to boot-camp-like conditions and made them "promise...

Students speak about hazing during rush week

Students speak about hazing during rush week

Demi Corso September 9, 2014

  CSUN students discuss hazing during rush week.

Supporters, family of Armando Villa hand out water bottles to students

Natanya Toomes September 8, 2014

    Friends and supporters of Armando Villa gathered outside Sierra Tower today on the first day of Rush Week to pass out water bottles to students with the words, “Stop hazing”...

Demonstrators rally at CSUN in support of Armando Villa, a student who died during an alleged hazing incident. Villas story is not new, as hazing has always been a dark part of our culture that happens to many in their daily lives. Photo credit: Jonathan R. Diaz/Live News Editor

Hazing is not just a college problem, it’s a cultural problem as well

Pete D. Camarillo August 25, 2014

Hazing has become a word all too familiar with humiliation and binge drinking. This is largely due to the negative attention fraternities and sororities obtain for incidents like CSUN’s own Armando...

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