LASD completes Villa investigation, awaiting coroner report

Samantha Petersen

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) Homicide Bureau has completed their investigation into the death of CSUN student Armando Villa and is waiting on an official report from the LA County Department of Coroner.


Once the LASD receive the report, they will combine it with their own investigation and submit it to the LA district attorney’s office. The district attorney’s office will review this cumulative report and decide whether official charges can be filed.


“We are done with our part,” Sgt. Barry Hall, LASD lead investigator, said. “The only thing missing is the mode and manner of death.”


Hall said the coroner report should be completed within a week and a half.


Villa died on July 1 in a hazing incident while on a trail with Pi Kappa Phi members after he passed out heading down a trail in hot weather conditions and ill-fitting footwear, according to a CSUN investigative report released Sept. 5.


Several members of the hiking trip experienced symptoms of heat stroke and heat exhaustion, but there was no evidence they were deprived of water, the report said.