CSUN Zeta Mu Hazing Investigation – full report

CSUN Zeta Mu Hazing Investigation  - full report

Andrew Martinez

The CSUN investigation report on the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity hazing allegations was released Sept. 5 by the university administration. The report concludes that the Zeta Mu chapter of Pi Kappa Phi at CSUN engaged in various instances of hazing over the years. Specific reports of hazing in the past year, including the Spring 2014 semester, are listed below. The hiking trip in which Armando Villa passed out and later died was the “Super Awesome Weekend” hiking trip, which took place July 1 and was the final activity of the pledge period. You can view the full report below.

Zeta Mu Instances of Hazing: Retreat One (Mojave desert) and Retreat Two (Angeles National Forest) – Mandatory camping trips

Pledges were forced to:

  • Before departing for 2014 Retreat One, pledges were asked to “promise not to die”
  • Answer questions about Pi Kappa Phi history correctly. Incorrect answers resulted in being yelled at and forced to do push-ups and planks on elbows instead of hands
  • Served hot dogs overloaded with condiments, both traditional and non-traditional; past examples include sardines, pickle juice, Flinstone gummy vitamins, hot sauce
  • Forced to eat hot dogs in three bites with one hand. In Spring 2014, pledges who didn’t finish eating had to turn plates over their heads
  • Forced to sleep in a single tent. In 2014, approximately 18 pledges were forced to sleep in a tent estimated to have a 4-8 person capacity
  • During Retreat Two in Spring 2014, pledges who did not finish hot dog breakfast were told to pour remainder of meal down their pants
  • Forced to do an “elbow crawl” at a “big rock” hiking spot – pledges had scraped, bloody elbows
  • Told to put on condoms to meet “Betsy,” a farm animal. Pledges were blindfolded and taken to a location believed to be a barn, which was relvealed to be a diner with a waitress named “Betsy.” The group ate dinner and the retreat ended.
  • There was no forced drinking of alcohol during retreats.

“SAW” Hiking Trip – July 1 Super Awesome Weekend (SAW) / Delta Sigma Hike held during final weekend of pledge period, “More than likely” the Condor Peak Trail, hike estimated to be in 14-16 mile range

  • Pledges given quizzes, physical training until 2-3 a.m.
  • Slept in garage, back-to-back on top of sleeping bags, received little sleep before hike
  • Purchased shoes at “3 for $20′ store … described as ‘Vans type slip-ons'”
  • Armando Villa and another pledge were given shoes too small for their feet
  • Each pledge was given a gallon of water and group was given a case of water to share
  • Group reached top of trail “around mid-day” amidst hot weather
  • Some pledges began to suffer symptoms of heat stroke, heat exhaustion
  • Villa had “particular trouble” with shoes, ran ahead past everyone else
  • Was discovered near trail lying on side of a road, “in great distress and very hot” when first responders arrived
  • No evidence pledges were forced to walk barefoot or were deprived of water

You can view the full report here: