Out of Business: Kmart

If you have been keeping up with the news, you would have noticed that many big name stores have been going under.

Well, one of those stores happens to be Wal Mart‘s neglected counterpart Kmart! To be honest I am surprised its lasted this long, unlike Circuit City and Mervyns which I believed to be well established companies.

The last time I shopped at a Kmart was probably when I was still a pimply faced-brace-filled teenager. But I figure now is a good time to stop by and see what the sales are like. Seeing as my financial aid has been cut, I have to find ways to make with what I have.

Anyways, some of the sales they are having range from 10%-70% off of selected items.

Digital cameras @ $79.99

Winter apparel @ 70% off

Air rifles @ $34.99

Navigation Systems @ $99.99

Now that the holidays are approaching it wouldn’t be too bad to buy some discounted items for Mom or Dad.

To find a Kmart near you click here.

  • David

    The only problem with this story is that it is untrue. Kmart, as a chain, is not going out of business and 9 months after this story was written it’s still around. Maybe a particular store was closed, and that might have been an important point to mention, but the chain is still with us.

  • I will miss the big K

  • Brian Radmin

    I used to shop at K-Mart all the time

  • glen roslyn

    That’s what happens when managers take extra long breaks and do not take care of their employees. It was only a matter of time.

    • Pam

      Seriously. It has to be the management, and it’s been going on for years. The only time I saw clean floors in that store was right after they renovated, probably after the Northridge quake. It didn’t take long for the place to get filthy again. Once I brought in an ad for a clock radio that was on sale, but I couldn’t find it on the shelf. I showed the sales clerk the ad, and he looked at me like I was crazy. He told me that they hadn’t had that item in stock for months. That wasn’t the only time that happened, either. Every sales clerk I spoke to was rude, even though I was always polite to them. I stopped going to the store years ago, but I always give it a dirty look when I pass by. Good riddance!

  • Cindy Von Q

    Sure they’re going down, but at least now i can bask in the fact that I can afford to buy stuff now…

    hmm, good thing or bad thing?
    It depends on how you look at it, i guess…

    • I agree. Things are cheaper now and it is more then just the ‘managers fault.’ That whole area has been neglected by the Northridge community.I do not know why exactly, but we all go to Topanga mall. I have an idea, but I even have trouble swallowing it. No one goes to the Northridge Fashion Center or that area because its not made for anyone that is over Twelve or lives in Northridge and it is sort of sad.
      G.G.P., the company that owns that area and the mall around the corner, just filed for chapter Eleven. They seemed to have a habit of buying properties in high real estate areas and then getting loans on them wile doing the bare minimum amount of work to maintain them. If you go to the Northridge Fashion Center it still looks like the late 80s with its ‘Mauve’ paint and Art Decco style. G.G.P. used the mall as a big credit card and then ran away and claimed chapter 11.
      The real question is why did everyone who lived near there abandon the K Mart and Mall area? Did they sence a sinking ship? Was this part of G.G.P.s plan? If no one cares about the mall then they can just continue doing what they are doing?
      In a way, yes. G.G.P. was pretty sly in predicting that online shopping will be better then big spread out places and the likes of ‘Gallerias’ will replace malls. But they were also pretty sly in predicting that the Northridge community will not go to a mall were people do not work there that live there.If you do the minimum amount of work, you will also hire the people that require the minimum amount of pay. That means you have to hire folks from other communities outside the pall of the high rents and property taxes of Northridge proper.
      We all did it. We saw the gang fights at the mall and in front of K Mart at night and went to Topanga mall. We saw the car thefts in front of Target and went to the Topanga mall. We saw all the little kids in front of Starbucks and Pacific Theatres and went elsewhere. We saw the four or five stores that sell gang hats and other attire and the million shoe stores and left. We saw the little kid stores for the discerning Twelve Year old that really needed to go to ‘Segoya Life’ or whatever and booked it. We saw the Three skate shoppes and stopped wondering why there were soo many skate boarders running over your childs feet. It was silent and it was unspoken, but there it was. An immutable gasp of dusty polluted hot July air and the Northridge adult community was gone.
      Now the entire area, but mostly the Starbucks around the corner and in front of Pacific theatres is being used as a giant babysitting garden for mothers that don’t care about their children. A couple of weeks ago some Fourteen year olds were held up at gunpoint in front of D.S.W. A man walked around waving a gun the day of Colinbine and people are saying that in front of Pacific Theatres all the way to Starbucks and around the corner is the best place to get ‘X’ and prostitute your daughter. If you want your daughter to O.D. the pills and ‘X’ in front of Pacific Theatres and by K Mart in the Starbucks parking lot are the best places to get the stuff. There are people from Hollywood coming down to score ‘X’ because of less problems with random people trying to mess with you, the police do not recognize you by your face and the cheaper price. The drug dealers love it because they can hide behind this sea of kids jumping around without their parents and the have the backdoor to ‘Briant Street Gang’ working at or hanging out by Sears and even J.C. Pennys. If you want to find were the kids get their drugs, go to the Sears parking lot or that end of the mall. The drugs are passed to the dealers, they sell it to all the little rich kids in front of the Movies and just go back and forth, ending up in front of the area now fenced off were K.Mart used to be. Ever wonder how or why walking up and down that area is front of Pacific Theatres and then Back to Starbucks really fast is soo interesting? They are scoring drugs!
      I am sort of glad the place closed so it won’t have to see all the little Eleven year olds high in its parking lot from the cash that their mom and dad gave them to see a movie. Now no one can afford babysitting so they drop off kids by the truckload to Starbucks and outside Pacific Theatres. Go there any Friday night and you will never see an adult. There is even a place to get high on Shirley called the ‘Mad-Pad’ next to the rental place and another behind ‘Build -a- Bear’ called the ‘Bat-Cave’ to have sex and both places have had dirty needles in them recently.
      We all sort of did it and now the entire mall is bankrupt and all because we could not walk a couple of feet to the mall or stop dropping off our kids so we can get in that last martini.
      It is time to realize that the mall is not our kids parent and neither is Starbucks or they will end up just like K-Mart.