myNorthridge portal down

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UPDATE: myNorthridge portal is now back up.

The myNorthridge portal has been down since 9:30 this morning, Kendra O’Brien of CSUN’s Information Technology (IT) department said.

Technicians are working on the problem but are uncertain when the portal will be back up.

IT has an information booth outside Bayramian Hall all this week to aid students and those who don’t know where or when their classes are can call the appropriate departments for more information.

Marla Joseph from IT said the Quick Links option on the front page is also down but they are currently working on other options and will post links on the main page.

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  • Kevin

    This is the Web site for the Daily Sundial. For your issues you need to talk to Admissions and Records or the Financial Aid office.

  • Patricia Mendez

    Hi, I need a copy of my unofficial transcipts and I do not recall my pass code, I completed my desertation in the year of 2000. Thank you very much :-)

  • charlene jones

    I just want to check on my account on this website as I would like to know waht happens to my grant money and my deposit on the dorm now that I won’t be coming until next fall