CSUN’s Oviatt Library gets new dean from SDSU

Mark Stover

The Oviatt Library has a new dean.

Mark Stover is taking over the position after former library Dean Susan Curzon retired last semester.

Stover is the interim dean of the San Diego State University library and will begin work in July 2011.

“I love libraries because they are a combination of all the things that I’m interested in,” Stover said.

He said that his first love is books and reading, his second is technology and his third is working with people.

“Mark is a talented professional with exceptional range of experience both in libraries and in technology,” Curzon said in an e-mail interview.

With almost 30 years of library experience, Stover brings skills from working at all levels of a library.

Starting as a student assistant during his undergraduate and graduate school years, he moved on to reference, cataloging, librarian, library technician, manager and administrator.

“I have a wide spectrum of experience that will help me in my transition,” he said.

The move from San Diego will not be difficult, Stover said.

He described it as a homecoming since he lived in the San Fernando Valley while attending graduate school at UCLA.

“I’m very passionate about working in an academic library and serving in a leadership position,” Stover said.

Stover has worked at the SDSU library for 12 years.

He started off as a psychology librarian and has worked as the head of reference service, administrative assistant, assistant dean and now the interim dean at SDSU.

He has also taught workshops at SDSU about student library resources and critical thinking. Stover has written a book and several articles throughout his career and also has an academic background in religious studies.

Curzon describes Stover as a very thoughtful, considerate and intelligent person.

“He will be deeply committed to working closely with students and faculty and will be dedicated to providing excellent library services,” Curzon added.

Acting Dean Marianne Afifi said she has known Stover for a few years and sees him as a valuable addition to the library.

Afifi will work closely with Stover as she returns to her position as associate dean.

She said she hopes to continue improving the library and being there for students and faculty.

“Stover has an excellent background and knows libraries from many different aspects,” Afifi said. “He has taken many leadership roles and has qualities that will help him help us move forward.”

Stover is accustomed to working in a large institution and a large library and his experience at SDSU will serve well, Afifi said.

Stover also has experience in fundraising, which she added will help the Oviatt Library.

Stover said he is looking forward to his new position and working with faculty, staff and administrators, who have supported him.

“It’s nice to have their support in my new role,” Stover said. “It excites me to work with people that enjoy going to work everyday.”

Stover said CSUN has a wonderful reputation, as a well managed organization and library.

He said he is preparing for his position by doing research and talking to faculty and students to find out more about the history of the Oviatt Library and where they think the library should go.

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