CSUN student held in connection to Oviatt shutdown in class while police searched campus

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Gahren Moradian, the suspect being held in connection with Tuesday’s suspected gunman incident, was identified as being in class just hours after police cordoned off the Oviatt Library after reports of someone with a gun on campus.

Senior Shahin Mehvary said he saw Moradian in their philosophy 495 class.  Mehvary said Moradian was wearing different clothes than what was described by police.

“I didn’t see him wearing the ‘human rights violation’ shirt,” Mehvary said.

Senior philosophy major Michelle Roumbas also spotted Moradian in class, and said he was wearing a purple shirt.

Moradian was described as being strangely quiet in a class he usually participates in.

“He normally would talk in class and ask a lot of questions when he couldn’t understand something,” Mehvary said. “But he was completely quiet the whole time. He kept to himself and barely spoke.”

Classmates described Moradian as a reserved, calm student, but about a week before the incident, he was seen outside the classroom yelling into his cell phone.

“He generally kept to himself but participated in class,” said Roumbas. “But a week earlier I saw him in the hall cursing and I thought it was out of character for him.”

Moradian was also described as a loner.

“He was really focused on his studies and the class,” Roumbas said. “I never saw him with a friend.”

Since no photos depicting the suspect’s face had been released, students could not identify him.

“A guy who apparently had a gun was 10 feet away from me and I had no clue,” Mehvary said. “I didn’t know it was him until I saw his Facebook pictures.”

Both students said they were shocked when they learned the suspect’s identity.

“Nothing was suspicious about him,” Roumbas said. “I would have never guessed it was him.”


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